• As some of u might remember Bunny was hit by a car a couple days before Christmas and was recovered 8 days later and survived a huge snowstorm, I witnessed the incident as i was leaving my fathers house and had left my black Tri basenji (same color as my dog and breed) about a half mile from where I saw the dog get hit at my dads house and thought it was mine, because my father a dog trainer was just about to take my dog outside to a socialization class and I thought he had slipped his collar and ran down the road after me. I immediatley slammed on my breaks hopped out of the car, waved my arms at oncoming cars and did my best to slow down traffic as bunny ran across the road and into the woods, I chased her into the woods but couldnt catch her. My father and I helped in the search for bunny and now bunny is safe at home for the past week and healthy and we set up a time for our basenjis to meet. Today was that day….enjoy some pics and videos of my amber and zaar meeting bunny for the first time.



  • hey, troy, thanks for the fun afternoon

  • Oh, THANK YOU for posting these pictures! It's wonderful to see Bunny/Sophia more relaxed and at home! For those that haven't looked at the pictures, Bunny is the one with the wound on her forehead.

    I love it when their fur stands up on their back when they first meet other dogs.

    I'm glad you found new friends for your dog… and I can totally understand why you panicked when Bunny was running, especially if it was dark out. 🙂

  • LOL I love the basenji hackles! Nice pics.

    Btw, you can load thumb nails so people can click so the pics won't scroll so huge. 🙂

  • @Patty:

    I love it when their fur stands up on their back when they first meet other dogs.

    I love that too, Patty. I just can't resist running my hand over it.

    Great pictures, and I am so glad to see how well Bunny is doing.

  • First Basenji's

    Hehe, I love the intense bristling action too.

    I loved your addition to Bunny's story, wubanga. I hope this is the start of a lovely friendship!

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