Random Pics of Zaar and Amber over the past year

oops i posted a couple repeats. oh well I hope everyone enjoys the pics of my two lil monsters!

They are adorable..

I Really like the dog collar they have. 🙂

oh thanks, my father makes those leashes and collars, that one is customized for me 🙂 …...he calls it the poker theme w the suites and the spikes. hes in the process of making a website and selling them. if u are interested in one i can let him know and get one out too u. he has many diff types of emblems, he can customize the collar to your liking.

Beautiful dogs, they look very happy. I like that collar too, would love alternating flowers and spikes for my Nicky, haha!

Let us know when you dad has a site, I predict he will do well!

Great pics! I love their expressions in so many of them.

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