Lukuru litter #1

Our puppies will be 10 weeks old tomorrow – 01 January 2011 -- to usher in the New Year.
Today we were blessed with a break in the cold winter weather and took the opportunity to take the little pack outside to run in the yard with Misi (Lukuru Amisi) and Paya (Lukuru na Liboso Mopaya). They will be heading off to their new homes soon and we were grateful for this opportunity to give them a fun run. I was able to get a few pictures and have posted them in a photo album.

The litter details are :
Lukuru litter #1
3 red/white dogs
3 red/white bitches

Lukuru Constellation Cassiopeia (female) call name Cassie
Lukuru Constellation Libra (female) call name Libby
Lukuru Constellation Orion (male) call name Rion
Lukuru Constellation Pegasus (female) call name Peggy
Lukuru Constellation Perseus (male) call name Hero
Lukuru Constellation Ursa (male) call name Bear

AKC registered Litter Number: HP389569
whelp date : 23 October 2010
Breeder: Jo Thompson
Sire : Lukuru Amisi (red/white)
Sire AKC Number: HP34540901
Dam: Lukuru na Liboso Mopaya (red/white)
Dam AKC Number: HP37888201

How do I link to my photo album?

hi Jo,

I was able to see them by clicking on your name at the top of the post, then selecting public profile and then clicking on albums.

What happy pups they appear to be - lovely picture of the two playing together. Congratulations on a very nice looking litter.

Thank you, Fran.

awww, congrats! they are super cute. that light-colored one with the super-wrinkly forehead in pic 5 totally melts my heart. soooo cute!

Thank you all.
You can read more about this litter at :

What fab fat puppies 😃

They look like they are having a ball running round the garden.

Thanks for the update.


Great pictures Jo..I love how happy they look.

Cool. Which pup(s) are you keeping with you? I'm looking forward to seeing Peggy next time I see Nicole and Rob. I'll be sure to send you pictures, I'm sure I'll have my camera. :p


What a super nice litter, congrats Jo….. and I know that Nicole is "over the moon" excited about her pup

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