Maya is Number 1 Basenji…

… Well, not quite! :rolleyes: BUT, she is the Top Dog and Top Puppy 2009 for the Northern Basenji awards 😃 Go Maya!! We had to miss the open show when the presentation of her rosettes was due to be held 😞 But the committee posted them and we recieved them today. Naturally, such events justify an impromptu photo session, much to the disgust of Madam :rolleyes:

"Do we REALLY have to take pictures?"

Yes, we did! lol She likes to PLAY when i get home from work and this wasnt what she had in mind. However, she cooperated, just a shame im incapable of stacking her nicely for her pics :o

And then she'd had enough!

Well done Jess and Maya. I was top owner this year. 🙂
As usual, NBS have produced some gorgeous rosettes. 🙂

Do you have rosettes? Lets see some pictures!!

The rosettes are beautiful!! They will be going on display in the "bling" cabinet lol

What a sweet little girl!

Congratulations to you and Maya, lovely girl.

Congrats to both of you - well done!

Maya sure is a beautiful girl.

First Basenji's

Such lovely rosettes for a lovely dog!

Congratulations! You and she both deserve it. 🙂

Big congrats Jess and Maya, well deserved xxx

Nicely done Jess. Congratulations.

Congratulations Jess & Maya. A worthy winner, Maya is such a beautiful girl. Well done.

Thanks everyone!

Maya agrees with you all 😃 lol

Well done Jess!

I have just seen a pic of your mum and Maya on one of the our dogs photographers' gallery of favourite pics! I don't know if you have seen it?


No! Wheres this??

Your mum was probably unaware she took it, she is holding Maya. Benita Gower took the pic (she is a new photographer for Our Dogs) and it is on her favourite photos slide show. (google her, I don't think I can post her web address here) If you can't find it I'll pm you.

I only saw it because she took some pics of Pip and Poppy and she is going to post them on the site.

Haha! Just found it on her website gallery!!

Maya looks like one very unhappy basenji. She just hates my mum 😃

Well done Jess and Maya!



Haha! Just found it on her website gallery!!

Maya looks like one very unhappy basenji. She just hates my mum 😃

Your poor mum 😃 She was racing around showing Pugs and Maya who were on at the same time!

I see the pic was taken at Bournemouth, she doesn't have that show on her events list, a shame she might have other pics. I will have to ask her!

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