• Thank God it is Saturday!

    I am sitting here 8:15am watching my Teevo'd American Idol and the house is quiet. Caesar (my red b boy- 6yrs) and Cairo (brindle b boy - 11 weeks) are both curled up in their basenji balls and are sleeping. My cat is slinking around it the quiet waiting to be pounced by the boys.

    Cairo, my puppy, is curled up in my arms sleeping after giving me my daily dose of kisses.

    Caesar over on the couch is probably like me (notice i am awake super early on sat), trying to catch up on zzz's while the young termite is asleep. Caesar is my dual parent. When I am worn out he takes over. It's amazing, he comes out in the morning,sleepy like me, but there to help occupy the little man during his morning basenji 500s.

    It is so funny, the moment he wakes he becomes a crazed oral fiend. Touching everything with his chompers! He is like a little termite the entire time he is awake. Caesar has little scabs on his neck! Found them yesterday. Cairo is chewing on him during play and his teeth are like little knives!! LOL….

    Oh wowez me! It is so tough having a cute cuddly puppy! LOL....

    He has plenty of chew towys and teething items, it is just way right now! I would say the best chewing item for him right now is an old leather belt.

    I forgot that the puppy stage was all teeth!

  • Where are the photos??????

  • I will post some today from work.

    Cairo has definately hit a growth spurt. He no longer looks like a roley poley puppy. His rib cage is larger than his belly and his nose isnt so rounded.

    He is working on his 12th week this week I think?

  • here are a few pics of Caesar (red boy) and Cairo (brindle pup) at work with me. They are preparing for their naps….


  • cell phone quality photos,LOL sorry…also before my first cup of coffee

  • Ceasar has the BEST wrinkles!! Two great looking dogs, for sure.

  • Yeah, those are wrinkles that say," mom i am tired of Cairo chewing on me".

    Caesar has little scabs on his neck from Cairo chew playing on him, and Caesar is so patient with him!!

  • teeth and sleep I've noticed! Bindi my tan and white, has finally found the stock pile of stuffed toys (eyes already gouged out by the room mate's dogs) and was having a ball ❤ so cute when they are so young


  • They are both gorgeous dogs! I also take Hollie to work with me. IT's a great PLUS!!!

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