• Well in 7 weeks time I will be bringing home my new B. She is going to be called Belle aka Mutabaruga Inner Circle at Gooses. All I have to do is pick one as I have got pick of the bitches! My only problem is that she had 2 R/W & 2 Brindle bitches and if I like one of each colour which do i go for. I have never had a brindle so in some ways it would be nice but they are not so popular in the show ring in the UK so I don't know hmmm. I think I will just have to wait until I see them till I decide. I just know that the next 7 weeks are going to drag.:(

  • How exciting!!! Congrats!! They are all beautiful pups, I can't imagine how hard it would be to choose. I just went and looked at the pups on Noel's site, hard choice, I don't think I would be able to choose. When do you go to meet them?

  • I haven't decided yet when I will go down to see them. They are all lovely puppies which is going to make it hard to decide!

  • congrats on your "pending" new puppy…. I am sure that your breeder will help you make the right choice when you get there.... I just look at her website also, lovely pups....

  • Well we are going down to pick out our new puppy on the weekend of the 9/10th February because I need to choose before everyone else goes to choose as I have pick of the bitches. I am so excited about this new puppy!!

  • How's the count down coming?

    I'm going down on the first, not to pick one, lol, just to visit.

  • Only 3 1/2 weeks till we go and pick one. I hate the waiting:(

  • I know how you feel, I was the same way for Tiggy, heck I'm not even getting a pup and I'm excited to go see them, they are just so cute. I'll take pictures for you 😉

  • Thank you.:D

  • So you´re also getting a new pup to choose the right one is so difficult it took my friend and I a week almost before we were able to decide which one we wanted on the 25 th i´ll go and pick her up.
    I wish you all the best in making that important choice:)

  • They are all so cute. My favorite is the little brindle girl with the little white stripe. She is so cute! Congrats and good luck picking just one!

  • I will be there this time in 3 weeks picking my girl.:D
    The light brindle is still my fav though.

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