How big was your basenji around 16 weeks

  • Just wondering, for those how had puppies, how big their b was at about 16 weeks. Mine is a little over 8lbs right now.

  • Most of mine were at least around 6 lbs at 10 weeks. Males and Females about the same each. While I don't normally weigh them at those ages, some we had to if they were flying to their new homes (in cabin only with their human)

    So 8lbs seems a bit small…...

  • I think your Basenji is almost half the size it should be. I remember having to wait until one of my pups grew big enough for surgery, and he was almost 16 pounds at 12 weeks. Where did you get your pup from?

  • Have you posted any pictures of her? If so, I might have missed it… might be easier to see a picture at her age to tell if she is a bit undersized

  • My B will be 4 years old in 7 days… His weight is still 24pds, but now when he does something he shouldn't do I'm going to have to start saying your going to be 5.... Aren't we so lucky to have a Basenji in our lives, Cheers

  • Cara was big at 16 weeks but I don't remember how big. If the ribs and backbone are slightly visible, weight is okay…too visible, too thin, cant' really see at all, getting up there. Builds are different, so the first and only evaluation is=== how does YOUR dog look.

    Cara is almost 5 and about 43 pounds, btw. She probably needs to lose a couple of pounds tops.

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