Funny picture I came across

Not sure I'd trust myself and my B on a motorcycle, but they seem to make it work. 😃

That is so cute! 😃 Maya would love that, she always tries to stick her head out of the window when im driving!

LOL I'd put a little cage back there! What a neat idea though.

Very Cool! I would never get Dolce to stay on the back of my motorcycle as she is the only dog I have ever seen that hates to have any wind blow on her face.

If you put Dolce on your motorcycle I shall thwap you hard with a wet noodle! :p

Awesome pic! Ours do not like wind in their face either, but when we stop at a light their heads are out the window.

Such a cool dog, and not a bad looking motorcyclist either 😉

Looks like a very cool dog bed on the back of that bike!
Thanks for sharing that image!

Delia Willans whose affix I inherited used to travel to dog shows on a scooter with her Basenjis in the sidecar. She once spent the night marooned ona motorway, sleeping in the side car with her Basenjis.

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