• Houston

    I just love Pippi L..she rocked my innocent Swedish childhood..in a good, sweet way.

    Isn't he adorable? I so wish I could be closer to him…but I have to be happy with him coming when he does..

    Thank you Dan.

  • How is Otis doing?

  • Houston

    Dan, It's been a while since I spoke to his mommy, but when I did he was thriving. She loves him dearly and is amazed as to how well behaved he is compared to her previous basenji Niles. I hesitate to contact her too much as it is really hard and always brings a tear to my eye..I am still struggling with "letting him go" personally although I know (since everybody tells me so) that I did the right thing.
    Lukas still to this day wonders when he is coming back..breaks my heart.

  • What a beautiful baby. He looks too little for such a long name!!!! I can imagine how thrilled you are and how long the waiting seems. Good too to hear that Otis is doing well. You know you've done the right thing now.

  • He's precious-cute. I love his mask.

  • squeak sooooo super cute!

  • Congrats Petra! It will be third Zahleka boy here :).
    By the way Gandalf is Masai's grandfather too :D.

  • Houston

    Thanks Irena..I am so excited.

  • Petra, I don't recall who Otis was or why you placed him. Was he a foster? However, I have never believed my home was the only home for most dogs and sometimes finding a better fit is the only thing to do.

    Congrats on the new baby! Pippin pictures are going to be much appreciated! 🙂

  • Soooo precious!!!! Awww, puppy breath!!!!

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