Wine Country Shows

Good weekend so far for the Tanza Kids….

Saturday - Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opp - AB Tanza Life in the Fast Lane

Sunday - Winners Bitch, Best of Opp - Klassic-Tanza Color Me Tri

AND... Sunday, WD, BOW, Best Amateur/Owner/Handler and Best of Breed from the classes over a very nice Special... AB Day Trip to Tanza-Jamaa

Now to see how Hound Group goes for this 10 month old puppy boy.. and also they have a special group and BIS competition for the winner of AKC's new Class Amateur/Owner/Handler class.
In the A/O hound group, Trip was Group 4 and Trip was handled by his co-owner, Jeff Sheldon

Great weekend.

Will post some pics as soon as they are available

Congrats, Pat!!! Looks like it's been a very good weekend for you and the kids!!! Would love to see some pics, too!!! :D:p:D

Congratulations to the 'Tanza Kids'.

Pat, wonderful results! How proud you must be!

Wow, great results Pat! Congratulations!

Congrats, what a fun weekend.

Very nice! Congrats Pat!

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