Oct Basenji Tales is out

The new issue of Basenji Tales is now online. It is full of wonderful articles and hundreds of fantastic photos from the Hoosier Specialty, EBC Specialty and also the BCOA 2010 National Specialty for both conformation and performance events. We would like to offer a special thank you to everyone that has sent articles and generously allowed us to use your wonderful photos.

Please send us and email and tell us about any ideas or suggestions you may have for upcoming issues.

We are always looking for people who would like to contribute and article, product review, interesting story or breeders who would be interested in participating in an interview.

We appreciate all of the support and glad you are enjoying our new breed magazine.

You can see the new issue at: http://basenjitales.com

Basenji Tales

When I click on your link, it goes to ribit designs, not the mag. ??

This post was from 2010….

Basenji tales is now the modern basenji

And can be found at www.modernbasenji.com

Thanks for reminding me that I wanted to subscribe but forgot. I had to look at the site and the contact person. Seems like I know that address. I got my first four "B" from her, know her for almost 40 years.
Da Mac

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