Any basenjis in akron OH area?

just moved to the area, any good dog parks around? im actually in copley but pretty close to akron, have 2 b's a black one and a red one.

Opps, not black… that would be Tri colored (Black, Tan, White) Who did you get your Basenjis from?

They are lovely, welcome to the forum.

They are adorable… boys, girls? I don't have a lead on the dog park, just compliments on your dogs!

(Perhaps google earth? :))

I Googled "dog parks in akron ohio" and came up with several hits. This was the first one:

Hello, your two Basenjis look lovely.
I am shelley on the dog forum

thx for the compliment. not sure where we got them, one was a breeder in massachusettes the other somewhere in the midwest . not really sure my fiance took care of getting them both.

the black one is a boy, red one is a girl

thx for the link the dog park lindah

Nice pictures, i particularly like the last one of your boy sliding off the furniture 😃

I'm moving to Lakewood, Ohio, about 40 minutes north of Copley, in two weeks!! There are TONS of basenji people in Ohio, spread out all over the state. I've noticed there is a dog park in Lakewood, obviously that's a bit of a drive for you, but perhaps we could get together for a play date!
I've also been told that Ohio has a lot of good dog parks, and I know there are a lot of parks and forest trails and stuff to take your dogs to.
I have two brindle girls.
This thread has pictures of Callie
plus a couple of pictures here
and you can also look through my gallery to see pictures of Lola.

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