Challenged basenji owner

Don't worry about "failing" puppy class. Just have fun with him. The focus should be more on socializing not really training when they are really young puppies. It is a challenge to teach puppies with all of the distractions around, particularly sighthounds, in a class environment.

Congrats on your new addition! Hope to hear more from you.

I tell people that my 9 1/2 month old was held back in puppy kindergarten since my instructor and I agreed that he needed extra work on his socialization skills since he was a singleton. He finally "graduated" at 7 months old.

Welcome to the forum - I will tell you what my friend basenji owners have kept telling me since my baby was 12 weeks old - it will get better - my girl is now nearly two, and finally, it is getting better - the cute, funny and really smart things she does now outweight the mischief, and I've learned to keep temptation out of her way, as much as is possible. Contratulations to both of you.

Sometimes it helps to work on things at home (well it always does). One site that is so clear it will make you feel faint is THE LESSONS. Work on things, have fun… and yes, you have to make them think it's their idea. Rascally dogs that they are.

Cara will be 8 mos old Oct 7. I would like to claim I have her amazingly trained, but I have been slack. Sit, come, shake, loose leash. Beyond that I really haven't done much but played with and enjoyed her. Tricks are so easy and get their mind into learning when young, and I usually do a lot before 8 mos, but such is life. I socialize her a LOT though.


Welcome, can I ask where you got your b from? Some of us are related by dogs!
Glad you posted to the forum.

Hi Sharron,
I got Triton from a breeder in New Mexico. This breeder is apparently big in the dog show community. Any relations?

Thanks Kipawa,
I'll post some as soon as I figure out this forum structure and how to do it!

Thanks for the welcome. I'm glad to hear it will get better. Right now he's skittish and scared of just about everything. Definitely more socialization is in order, I look forward to seeing fun playful behavior like I see on some of those youtube vids!

Thanks, hope to find the time to read up!

Thanks, look forward to learning!

Good luck to you with a rescue, at this point I can only imagine how tough it would be to get a problem Basenji!

Hi Shannanigan, it looks like you have quite a yodler from the picture! Mine is just starting to, especially when he yawns…


Hi Sharron,
I got Triton from a breeder in New Mexico. This breeder is apparently big in the dog show community. Any relations?

Probably - there are several nice breeders in NM. If you let us know your pup's registered name, we'll know who's related to who.

and welcome!

Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you! Basenji are great dogs, glad you have done your research and decided on this wonderful dog! 🙂

Welcome to the forum! My Ayo is 9 months old today, and trust me it gets better everyday, it's been amazing having him. Have had about four or five really frustrating days but now I really feel we both got the hang of it. we are actually training for our first show here In a couple of weeks

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