• I just wanted to share a short story that made me smile this morning. A few weeks ago here in Rhode Island I came across a 5 year old basenji girl listed on our local Craigslist ad. In RI Sonny & I don't see other basenji's. Only 1 in the last 3 years. I was surprised to see one listed from a local family. When I first read the ad I so wanted to go scoop her up & bring her home! But from our past experience I knew Sonny would have no part of that. :rolleyes: I contacted the family through the ad to see if they would respond to me. I did get a reply with some info & why they needed to rehome their girl. I asked them if they would consider BRAT since returning her to the breeder was not an option. They had never heard of BRAT before. So I sent them the link to the website & a plea for them to consider this option rather then see her go to someone who had no idea what having a basenji would really mean! :eek: After this I had no more contact with the family and have wondered what happened to their sweet girl Cleo. This morning I had an email about her being listed on the BRAT website! I was so thrilled to know the family actually followed up and went in this direction to help their girl find a new home. It made me happy to know she will now have the best chance of finding the perfect basenji loving family just for her! 🙂

  • Curious as to the reason she is now with BRAT. Hopefully BRAT has all the information on her so they can work to best find her forever home.

    Well done for passing info about BRAT on to the family! I guess eventually they realized this would be the best thing for the dog.

  • The family was very forthcoming with the reason for needing to rehome her 🙂 It's noted in the BRAT write up on her so she has the best chance at finding the perfect forever family! 😃

  • Is this her? http://www.basenjirescue.org/DOGS/RI/RI-Cleo.asp She just went up today I think; she'll get a good home. 🙂

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