Hello from Orlando, Fl! (Still looking to adopt)

  • Hi my name is Kyla and I'm located in Orlando, Florida. I found this site the other day and really enjoyed reading all the stories and information y'all have posted about your basenjis. I had a basenji/shep mix I adopted when I was younger who had to walk the rainbow bridge about five years ago, Sandy was the sweetest thing, and after doing some research on her breeds realized most of her personality I feel in love with was the basenji side. Now I'm older and decided I'm ready to give another forever home to a dog and am looking for a basenji (purebred or mix). I've found a couple possibilities with petfinder within a two hours drive and hope to visit them with Bear (5 year old chow) and Jenny (14 year old cat) to see how they might do in my family. I also applied with BRAT. If anyone knows of any adoptables in the Central Florida area please let me know. I'm looking for a non alpha acting female 2-5 years old that does well with cats and dogs. I prefer the basenji look and size if she's mixed. I did find out about those 10 month old puppies up in Gainesville but debating if that would be too young for Bear to want to deal with.

    So hopefully I'll be coming home to the lovely yodels again soon and have to see what new surprises they share with me. Thanks for having this great community and I hope to possibly meet some of y'all at your dog park gtg's 🙂

  • Please go directly to the Basenji rescue site! There are a lot of dogs needing homes in Florida right now.

  • I did read up on Tucker and Janie. Tucker could possibly match but I was thinking a female might be better to Bears adjustment of a new dog? And Janie won't do with my two cats. 😞 I contemplated applying for one of the pack tho I don't know if since they are more feral it might be too much adjustment forcing my cats on them. I really don't want to chance any injury to my two babies, they're declawed and when I've taken them out around strange dogs don't understand that they might have to defend themselves. They just deal with the dog being pushy and stare at me like I can't believe you've taken me out here LOL.

  • Contact BRAT, but I would worry about adopting anything that isn't proven good with cats when you have some. It is one of those times you want either a cat friendly dog OR seek a puppy to raise with them.

  • often there are more dogs than listed. they are in the wings waiting to be vetted/neutered or evaluated, etc.

  • Thanks for the advice! I spoke with someone the other day and requested to hold off til after the weekend to do a home visit just incase one of the two other rescues I'm in contact with has the dog I want. Don't want to have them come here and waste their time if by the weekend I find one elsewhere. I've applications for Star with Rescues by Judy and the younger ones with Helping Hands up in Gainesville. 🙂

  • Hi Kyla. Good luck with your rescue. I'm in the same boat of wanting to rescue. Have an application in and am waiting for a home visitation now. 🙂 Welcome to the forums.

  • I'm sure the right dog will "happen to" you. Good luck.

  • I visited with Star today at Pet Rescue by Judy and found she didn't like my Bear at all. Lots of growls and finally she snapped at him. Hopefully she'll find a home during their Black Tie Adoption Event this weekend. She seems like a really nice dog but very alpha, probably best in a home without another pet, incase anyone knows someone looking in the area 🙂 Here's her petfinder page: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/17032355

    But back on to the search! Trying to schedule a drive up to Gainesville to see the 10 month old pups. Maybe with 3 females Bear will find a new friend. I'll keep y'all updated 😉

  • You may find most adult female basenjis to be alpha, so either a mellow boy, or a girl puppy might be best with Bear. A girl pup will grow up to be bossy, but by then Bear will love her.

  • I have a rescue Basenji. They are wonderful!

    Welcome. I'm new also.

  • I'm excited! Going to see the basenji mix pups after work tomorrow, leaving early so I can make it up there in time before they have to pack up. http://www.facebook.com/pages/HELP-SAVE-6-BASENJI-PUPPIES/129425800433193 if you wanna see the pics and vids of them 🙂

  • So I just brought the new puppy home, tentatively named Kismet. Bear seemed ok meeting her in his no care attitude and the 2 hour car ride home there was no issue except he stepped on her causing a yelp. Now he seems a bit upset with everyone (she's been getting into his toys) and he nipped at mom. I've got her corralled in my room while I eat dinner. I hope he calms down about the new comer and I'm able to keep her. I have 7 days starting to day that I can bring her back if there's any issues (and still get my refund). Any suggestions on what I can do to make Bear a bit happier? I don't know if it will be possible cause he's always been kind of moody (don't touch me there, don't tell me to move, etc).

  • Some pics of her if you want to see 🙂

  • Elusionz, how old is she? How old is he? 7 days for refund? Where did you get her? It can take weeks for dogs to adjust to a new animal in the house. Often I keep them pretty separated for several days if necessary while they adjust to just being in same house, limiting physical contact to things I totally control, like her on a leash.

  • She is about 10 months old. He is 6-8 years old. We adopted her from Helping Hands Pet Rescue (drove up two hours with Bear to meet her) at PetSmart. We think he may just keep his I don't want to be bothered attitude and get over it. Long as she doesn't get in his space he doesn't seem to care. They both ate separately and walked together fine.

  • It often takes time for 2 dogs to bond.
    Let us know how its going.

  • Lots of walks together, and time in the yard if possible. Inside where "His things" are will be more stressful….Mom, she's touching my stuff!!!
    She is really cute.

  • She is a sweet dog - the first picture makes me smile because she too is smiling!

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