• Greetings,

    We are looking for a male Basenji under three years old.

    Currently we are blessed with an almost three year old spayed female Basenji/Beagle mix named Snickers.

    Her sister (Daisy) just passed away unexpectedly from a heart defect which has left a VERY large hole in our family.

    There are five of us in the family, including three girls 11, 13 and 15. They all run cross country so exercise is not an issue, which is a good thing for a Basenji.

    I have attached a picture of my girls along with our babies that was taken in front of our house. Snickers is on the right side of the picture.

    There is a yard that is a little over 1/2 acre for romping around in as well as the fact that we live in a very small village in the middle of the onion fields in mid-state New York. There are roughly 3000 people and 400 acres of onions. people tend to forget that most of New York is farm country and we live in the middle of it.

    We do crate the dogs at night for their own safety and have also found they enjoy the crate at other times as it is a "no-humans" zone.

    My wife works in our home so they are not left alone very much. in fact, we often take them with us.

    Just to be upfront, we did contact BRAT but unfortunately, they were unable to assist as we have an underground fence as I do not like hemming them in with six foot fences. The underground fence has not been an issue as our babies were smart enough to know the limits and it is set for an audio warning.

    All I know is I need to do something as all six of us are in need of a new baby and I'm hoping someone can help us fill the void.

    Thank you.

  • Many Basenjis have a high prey drive and will go right through an invisible fence. My first rescue was a female B who was almost 2 years old who went through a fence even though it was set for a much higher weight of dog. this is why she was turned over to rescue. This was back in the early 90s. She turned out to be a great lure coursing dog though-FC Jasu's Princess Joee MC, LCM3.

    I recently was fostering a young B for BRAT and she would climb a chain link fence to get out.

    I do independent Basenji rescue and my rescues would need to go to a home that has a regular fence or would have to be leash walked enough to get their exercise.


  • Jennifer;

    Thank you for the reply. Exercise is not an issue as noted above. My 15 yr old runs 5 to 6 miles a day and the younger ones do about 3. We also walk a lot as it is a small town and the neighbors, most of whom are elderly, really enjoy dogs that don't yap at them. LOL


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