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@sass7656 , thanks for that imput! I hadn't ever noticed that those breeds had the light nose and eyes. I figured whatever Ginger was mixed with probably had those traits. Ginger's ears were so perky and she was so intense- in a good way :).0_1550114591222_DSCN0730.jpeg

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These are some photos of my sweet girl Ginger. Sadly, we lost Ginger earlier this month at 12 years old to the terrible terrible condition known as Evan's Syndrome. So heartbreaking. I adopted her from a shelter at 5 months old and was always told she was a Basenji mix. I had never heard of Basenjis before I met Ginger. She never weighed more than 30lbs and exhibited many of the trademark Basenji characteristics that I've read about online. She didn't bark until she was 2 years old and only after we had kenneled her for a week with other dogs. It was the cutest little bark, too. We miss her terribly and would like to get another Basenji mix. I wish now we had paid for genetic testing. She was seriously the best dog ever. SO SMART, so protective of me and our kiddos, energetic and playful, and always at me heels :). My husband thinks possibly Basenji and some sort of Shepherd? Anyway, thanks for taking a look at our sweet girl!![0_1550092939711_Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 3.20.48 PM.png](Uploading 58%) 0_1550092950806_smile2.jpg![0_1550092979590_Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 3.20.48 PM.png](Uploading 0%) 0_1550093064389_random 089 copy.jpg

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