• I have 2 2 1/2 Yr old littermates, Bubba and Samir, that were returned to me today due to the co-owners health. Both of these boys are Red and White. They are crate trained and housebroke. They have lived with other dogs but not sure how they would be with cats.
    Bubba has been shown sparingly but no points so far, Samir has not been shown. Both are nice dogs and are very loving. They are currently intact but will be neutered if placed in pet homes. Their parents are DNA tested fanconi clear, their dam was imported from England.
    I would like to place these boys with Junior Handlers if possible. Please e-mail me for more information.


  • Bubba

  • Beth; Would you be willing to separate them? I am looking for a male under 3 and your boys would fit the bill. I have posted a wanted message that contains a lot of information. Thank you for your consideration and we will be looking forward to a reply. Rick

  • Rick,

    They can definitely be placed seperately. Please e-mail me off the board for more info. rood1234@aol.com.


  • Hi Beth, I'm curious if you found homes for these boys? Were they returned to you because you are the breeder? 🙂 I hope there are happy endings, they are beautiful dogs. Patty

  • Beth good luck with placement.

  • Nope, no luck with finding them homes yet. I was the co-owner on them so that's why they came back to me. I e-mailed their breeder but never heard anything back from her. I talked to some Basenji people at a dog show Sunday and some Junior handlers but no real leads yet.

  • Hi
    Do you still have the male basenji's? We have been looking for a male, do you have any more pics and info on these boys such as weight and traits that they have?


  • Hey Ruben,

    The boys are currently still available though I have a couple of people who have expressed interest. E-mail me off list and tell me about your current basenji/s and what you are looking for in a male.


  • Bubba and Samir are both spoken for and are flying to their new homes next Friday. Thank You to everyone on the board for your help.

    Beth 🙂

  • Fabulous! Love to hear that nice boys have a new home.

  • New homes already - that is great! Well done, Wufpack. Kudos to you for being responsible to these two boys.

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  • Yes, they seem to run in spurts….. but the moderators are good at catching and getting rid of them

  • So happy they found new good homes!

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