• Today we went to a Fun Dog show in a local park in aid of Guide Dogs for the blind.
    Malaika won a second for the Dog in best condition and a third for having the most appealing eyes. There was a lot of Dogs in all classes so we think she did very well. Think it helped when she high fived the judge 😉
    We met a man who had a Dog for the disabled and he was telling us the story behind getting his Dog. Apparently the Dog had been badly abused and he needed to do a lot of rehabilitation with him . He is now able to help the man with lots of household tasks and leads a happy life. It was heart warming to see how things have worked out for both Dog and human.

  • Congrats to Malaika on her 'wins'. Well done!

    It's just so heartwarming to hear about dogs who help those with disabilities. The fact that the dog was abused makes it extra special. How wonderful that these two met up - probably it was just meant to happen.

  • Congratulations. Malaika is doing very well at her shows.
    What a lovely story about the abused dog, so nice that it turned out good for that dog eventually.

  • Congrats!

    Cant wait to meet Malaika…!! 😃

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