What do your B's do when they hear this??

  • I found this and thought i'd share!!! A basenji that only yodels when she hears the Godfather theme song…hehe AWESOME!! very funny...


  • I cant find any music that Jack is so depressed by…lol. She just sounds SOOO sad!! I mean i guess the godfather music is depressing, lol!! hope you enjoy this as much as i do!! AWESOME...

    oh, and while this is playing Jack is intently listening
    (tiping his head side to side looking concerned) lol.

    What do you B's do when they hear this??!!!

  • My B's slept through the whole thing!! That's hilarious though!!! I cracked up laughing the whole time!!

  • I turned the volume all the way up and chance just sat there looking at me like I was crazy. No Baroo's yet 😞

  • Is this Lucy?

  • dont think its lucy…BUT its really a great Video tho!!!

  • I think his name is Hadji, I know him from myspace. I don't know if he is here on the forums…

  • 🙂 Howdy howdy, new to the forum, Imported my puppy from Russia he's now 2 years old. His name is Baka, was hoping to find sounds so he can hear others like him. I really liked the video, he just felt the need to move from the floor to the couch to listen in his relaxed state.

  • My Jojo sat and turned her head clockwise then counterclockwise staring at the computer. She looked so cute and funny. We enjoyed it too…Thanks for posting it. Terry

  • Jazzy didn't even acknowledge that there was sound coming out of the computer. I guess she's tech-savy enough to know it wasn't real. LOL

  • hahaha, jack has heard is several times, and it never gets old!! lol. its so funny, he runs around looking for the sound (the dog) i laughed and laughed!! lol

  • Callie is looking under the desk, for the dog, and running around the house, through the kitchen doorway, into the living room doorway, and around, and around, lol! She also looks at the computer screen intently, once in a while! Cute video! 🙂

  • hehe, awesome! i love basenji's!! lol

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