• Hello everyone. I came to this forum after stumbling across that silly list of the 10 least intelligent dogs (we're number 2! We're number 2!) Obviously, any Basenji owner knows they're probably more stubborn than stupid, though my guy sometimes makes me wonder. This past weekend he got sprayed in the face (again) by a skunk, though this time I'm convinced he got ambushed..

    We've had Opie for 9 years and while I've had a number of different dogs in the past, I wouldn't trade for any other breed. A Basenji was a compromise with my wife - my parents have raised Greater Swiss Mountain dogs for years but my wife wanted something less hairy and dangerous looking. When we called around to breeders we learned about their crazy breeding cycle, we decided to visit one in Virginia to meet the potential dams. During our visit, the breeder decided we should meet one pup that she had been showing, and she opened a crate and out bounded the cutest and goofiest dog I'd ever met. We were smitten and gave up the idea of a puppy, and decided to take this nutty dog with the giant ears home.

    I had read up on Basenji's before we decided on one and I was convinced that when we got Opie home he'd be climbing the fence, jumping out windows, etc., but he hasn't been that bad. Other than keeping the door closed so he doesn't decide to jet out and tour the neighborhood, he's pretty well behaved. He's even starting to tolerate our two young girls and has stopped grumbling at them, now that he realizes that they're not going away!

    I love the breed and wanted to join the forum to share some stories and get peoples thoughts on things like skin issues and bad breath. Thanks for letting me say hello and I look forward to meeting some fellow Basenji fans!


  • Welcome from a fellow Northern Cal person…. Who is Opie's breeder? Many of us are related by our Basenjis....

    Usually the cause of bad breath is a tooth or teeth problems. Has he been checked out by your Vet?

  • Hey Coastsider welcome to the forum. I'm right over the hill in Redwood City.

  • Welcome to the forum, my parents are about an hour away from you. NorCal basenjis united !! 😃

  • Welcome to you and OPie. What sort of skin problems are you asking about?

  • Welcome to the forum. It looks like Opie is really enjoying that hug!

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