• Alright, so my friend is moving to Chicago and can't keep her pet Penelope anymore as her swanky apt wont allow pets. I volunteered to watch Penelope the Chihuahua until we can find her a good loving home. I was super worried that Roxy would eat her…Turns out, Roxy LOVES her and wants to share EVERYTHING with her...Penelope, not so much. Bit her 3 times and won't stop growling at her...I dont know what to do. Roxy is now TERRIFIED to go near her and keeps looking at me like "Mom...I want it out!"...I feel bad but on the other hand this poor dog is homeless! ANY IDEAS?!😕

  • Gosh, I'm usually scared of Chihuahuas! Seriously, they are in great demand, hopefully you can find her a good home soon.

  • Check out a local Chi rescue in your area. They will be able to help you.

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