My other family members! Yes, my fish too! :)

  • Hi!
    I also have a cat, named Maximus, that is five years old in June. His mother was a wild stray that gave birth under our porch! I found homes for the other two siblings, and also the mother. Max is very sweet, and nonassuming!
    He won't come up unless asked, and he stays off the stuff he is supposed to! Go figure! 🙂 Well, he did, until Callie came, and started chasing him around, good naturedly! 🙂
    I also have one fresh water aquarium, with discus, plecos, mollies swords, and tetras. Oh, and lots of snails. Yes, there are a lot of fish in there, but I have enough filtration for several tanks that size, and I do water changes twice a week! Also, an undergravel filter!
    I have a salt water tank, that I started around 9/11, to keep my mind occupied! The fish in it, are around the same age now! A couple of them, are getting quite big! It is a lot of maintenance, but I love it! I also have a husband and son!:D


  • Beautiful Max and pretty aquarium.

  • Very nice Kate, love the fish tanks…..salt tank looks great.

  • Yes, you have a housefull of beautiful pets! Someday, I would like to have a fish tank! I went to Hawaii in '03 and got to snorkle and see all the colorful fish. Ever since then, I have wanted to start a tank. I don't have the space for it yet, but maybe after we remodel…

  • If you could manage a 30 gallon, it is a good starter size for marine tanks! That is the size I started with! It is considered a large "nano" tank, and could be quite beautiful! I have since moved everybody from the 30, into a 75. I have the mild fish; they don't eat coral, or each other! 🙂 Also, with soft corals, they don't need as much light, and do very well under power compact lights! You can buy a filter, with a small skimmer, to fit that size tank also! Let me know if you want to start one; I can send you some of the forums I am in, and also answer questions for you! 🙂 Thanks also, for the compliments! 🙂

  • I am very interested, but need to wait to get the extra money built up before I start. I want to begin with the non-aggressive, mild but colorful fish. I have been told tropicals are more difficult than fresh waters… What is your suggestion? I am trying to learn ahead of time so when I do start, I won't be in over my head!:eek:

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