Introducing the rest of the family

  • Nala (tabby) and Lulu (calico) sharing a warm sunny box-top.

    Tucker & Lulu sharing "tucker's chair"

  • A very cute family you have 🙂

  • aww, thanks!

  • Your B has been raised with cats I presume. (Duh!) I bet it is fun to watch the mannerisms of your cats along with Tucker. I use to have cats and find it interesting to see the similarities of our Joey to the cats that I had. It actually makes it easier for me to understand him.

  • yeah, we got Tucker when he was 8 wks old, and previous to that there were cats in his foster home too, so he's been around them from day 1. they are very similar, from the grooming to the pouncing… thankfully they all get along VERY well. funny though, Tucker loves HIS cats, but any other cat that wanders into our yard is fair game...except kittens, he's scared to death of kittens for some reason. (silly dog!)

  • What a lovely family!

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