Eeewwww yuck

I was walking the 2 dogs when I notice someone had dumped chicken bones behind my garage. Zoe made a lunge for them so I was busy pulling her away and was halfway across the street when I notice Chief has one in his mouth I drag him to the sidewalk (busy street) and reach in his mouth to pull it out. As I grab it I notice it is fury. Ugh not a chicken bone after all!! He refuses to give up his prize so I'm playing tug of war with what turned out to be a bunnys face! That was all that was there a face starting at the nose and ending behind the ears. Totally gross! I am not looking forward to fall with all the squirrels running everywhere now that they have the freedome to run after them in the back yard.

now why did i feel compelled to open a thread titled "ewww, yuck"? anyway, ewww, yuck is right!

Yah!!! ewww yuck for sure! I'm also not sure why the title drew me -

My Gossy has excelled at catching little birds (basenjis are cat-like aren't they?) and the occasional rabbit or chipmunk. The first thing she does is eat the head off – talk about eeww yuck!

I have had to save 2 chipmunks who stupidly were in the back yard. I know that eventually one of the 2 will catch a squirrel or chipmunk back there. The stupid squirrels actually run along the top of the chain link fence and eventually one will hit the fence hard enough to knock one into the yard. Ewww.

I had a chow who leaped into the air and caught a bird in flight. Not a prayer of stopping her from crunching it. 😞

As our 3 cats are all past 15 years of age, they have long given up on going out on a hunt. Instead, they sit outside on the patio furniture and lazily watch the squirrels come for peanuts (a bin tied to the fence) and the birds that come to our feeders. The only thing the two males will do is yell at a stray cat that tries to invade their territory. But once we get our basenji, I think I may have to take the peanut bin and the feeders away. I really hate (and feel sad) when a half eaten carcass makes its way into the house. Same reaction - first ewwwww yuck and then 😞 😞 😞

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