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    We just got our 4 month old little boy. He's great, we got him from a breeder that unfortunatley could not give him enough attention. Subsequently he was left in his crate for most of the day. He has become used to pooping and peeing in his crate. We take him on walks and or let him out every couple of hours or so and he will not do his business outside. What can we do to stop this behavior. He is in good health, eating the same food and is adjustinhg well. We just want to now how to break him of this problem. We are also feeding him in the crate.
    I was under the impression that dogs usually will not do their business where they sleep and eat.


    p.s. Thanks for the responces to past threads we forget to respond in a timely manor due to work obligations but we appreciate everyones advice.

  • I would try to feed him outside the crate. It will be easier to unteach him to do his business in the crate, as he has peeing and pooping connected with crate. Our dogs have their bowls in the kitchen.
    Dogs usually don't do their business in the place where they sleep and eat but this little boy had no choice. He need time to learn where is the right place for his business.

  • You just need to keep at it…. since that was the only way that he could relieve himself, to him it is perfectly OK. And while normally they usually will not potty where they eat, sounds like he did not have any choice in the matter. This problem is no different then pups that come from puppymillers.... And because it is a learned behavior it takes 4 times as long to break the habit.

    You need to insure that he potty's outside and you don't come back in till he does. You need to time it that you are taking him out when it is most likely he needs to potty. Immediately after waking up or better yet, wake him up and take him out. Immediately after eating, after playing.... etc....

  • Take a special treat…and give it too him as soon as he pees and poos..
    Praise, praise, praise when he does go outside.
    It will take you time to help him change this behavior.

  • Thanks for the advice. The problem is that he will not do his business ouside at all. We've taken him for long walks and nothing happens.

  • Its because he doesn't know the routine..My boy goes poo 2 times a day..one in the am before I go to work, and after I get home.
    My girl, usually only on our afternoon walk.
    We have that routine and we try very hard to stick to it…

  • We are getting into the routine, our othe B does eberything very well but the little boy just doen't get it :(:(:(

  • @Lesco:

    We are getting into the routine, our othe B does eberything very well but the little boy just doen't get it :(:(:(

    He just needs time. I was teaching Masai to go out for 2 weeks until he got it…

  • My experience so far has been that boys are slower to pick up the potty training. Add to that that he has learned that his crate is an acceptable spot and I think it will just take time and consistency.

    Has he NEVER poo'd or peed outside since you have had him?

  • I knew a puppy that was born in the winter and he learned to pee and poo outside on the snow. Once the snow melted in the spring he didn't know how to go outside so he started peeing and pooing inside. They eventually solved the problem but the key seemed to be to keep an extremely close on eye on him when he was inside. At the slightest sign that he needed to go, they rushed him outside, including many false alarms. Watch him all the time. This took a few days of dedicated effort. This effectively forced him to do his business outside and eventually he figured out the rest from there. OF course, reward him profusely when he does go outside. I think once he "get's it" he will progress quickly. He is still very young.

    FYI-Our Ella was house broken pretty easily and has not had very many accidents, but for some strange reason they are usually on her bed.

  • Since we have had him he has not peed or pooped outside UGH!!!!!!

  • How long have you had him? And I still think that if you were to wake him up from sleeping, carry him outside, I think that he would pee…. most puppies alway have to pee the minute they wake up and don't have the control to not do so.... What do you use for bedding in the crate?

  • Did you mention how long you had this pup? I might have missed it, but if it's only for a short time, then its completely unrealistic for this puppy to have been "retrained" so soon. It takes a lot of energy to train a brand new pup much less one that has trained itself it go in the crate. This seems just needs repetition and lots of time. Try not to compare him to your other B - as he has a completly different backround and doesn't understand what he is doing is undesired. A Four month old has about or less than 4 hours to hold their urine/bowls, so he should be going outside pretty much all the time, even more if he is playing a lot. Diligence, consistanty and patience will get him sorted. Just give him time.

  • We've tried a towel in his crate as well as nothing at all. We've had him for a little over a week now. we're not looking for miracles but just a little pee or poop outside would be nice.

  • I read in a previous post that someone feeds ouside the crate…Since he is used to eating in the crate do you think we should feed him outside the crate too try to break the habbit.

  • A week is not very long at all, remember this is a learned behavior, to him there is nothing wrong with it…. so I think you need to keep working at it. And I still recommend that you wake him up, carry him outside and stay out till he at least pees.... and after you feed him, outside till he goes potty.....

    While you can try feeding him outside of the crate, but IMO, I don't think it will make that much different.

  • @Lesco:

    We are getting into the routine, our othe B does eberything very well but the little boy just doen't get it :(:(:(

    Be patient and persistent. He'll get it. 😉

  • I have to agree with Pat about carrying him out - wake him up and carry him out. There have been times that my 7mo boy hasn't gone before bed so I let him go to bed, but then about an hour after he goes to sleep I wake him up, take him back out and sure enough he goes.

    If he really hasn't gone outside since you got him, so you haven't been able to praise/treat him for going outside - maybe set aside a good chunk of time one of the days this weekend. Feed him, heavy dose of play, walk him and just stay outside with him until he finally goes - even if it is a couple/few hours. That way you get to see him go, and have the opportunity to praise him and give him a treat as soon as he goes. I was always taught to chant softly something like "potty, potty, good potty)".

    Do you praise/treat your other b when she goes outside - because he should pick up on that as well.

    Also, do you know when he goes in his crate - does he go right after you put him in there or is it more when he wakes up from a nap?

  • First Basenji's

    What about walking him right after he finishes a big meal? I've found that puppies often go within 30 minutes of chowing down. Playing and spending lots of time outside is a good suggestion too. Get him revved up and thirsty, let him drink a lot of water, and then when he can't help it anymore, he'll go… then praise!

    Is he nervous or anxious about being outdoors and walked around the neighborhood? I've seen puppies that were so scared of being outdoors (maybe grew up in a crate/sheltered area, like you describe), they couldn't poop/pee... so it was a matter of getting them relaxed enough outside so that they could do their business.

  • Sometimes it helps if they smell where another dog has done its business outside so he will know that it is okay to pee/poop outside.


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