Eau de Catfish

We had a nice evening at the dog park, we were just sitting on the bench watching the ships when Nicky joined us. She had some sand clumped on her shoulders, never a good sign, and we caught a whiff…....didn't see any "particulate matter" but lets just say, something was fishy. A few minutes later Ed came running up and jumped up on the bench, all smiling, no sand on him, but there it was, another faint whiff of 'eau de catfish'. Donald had the only car key and was plotting how he could get to the car first and leave us to walk, but we were quicker! Walking back toward the gate, I noticed the huge catfish head down on the beach with lots of dog footprints all around it. Yech! Mystery solved. I got all the clumpy sand off Nicky, and fortunately she always sits calmly in the back of the car and we weren't far from home, so we got to ride, hehe.

I usually unleash everyone outside then they bolt in when the door opens. Tonight I unleashed Topper, only. The tris were not happy, you could see they knew their immediate future would be wet. I led/coaxed/dragged them into the bathroom and turned on the water, Ed got very agitated. Nicky knew her fate and just jumped into the tub! A quick shower with lots of shampoo and she was done, followed by Ed. Then I decided, what the heck, lets have a "trifecta" and shocked Topper by tossing him into the tub as well. Now we have three clean, sweet smelling doggies. Funny thing, they seem to really like being clean, they just don't like getting clean!

lol!!:D:D Been there had that happen many times. The dangers of going to the beach. My question is…. Is it smellier than a dead seal??:eek: Yes, I said dead seal that the B has rolled on. You can smell a dead seal carcass for some distance away and it STINKS! That's why all my Bs ride in the back of the truck (has a camper shell). Then I leave them in the back until I get the towels ready, bath/shower water running then carry in the smelly B directly into the tub.

Wow! A dead seal!!!!

That's pretty dang gross!!!

I found a new hike last weekend that I soon found out, was also used by people riding horses!!!!

Hunter laid into a nice fresh, steaming pile!!!! His white neck now the color of horse dung!

He, too, got a nice bath when we got home. Bandit just looked on, from afar, and quietly smirked!!!!:p

Dead seal - wow! This morning we took Shaye and Gemma to the dog beach MacPack found the dead catfish problem on. Fortunately, the maintenance guy was there - changing the poop bag stations and cleaning up generally - the girls did not find any dead fish to roll in, and had lots of fun in the water with other dogs. We hosed the salt water off them before leaving, but were still getting saty clumps coming out of their eyes, so we washed their faces. For some reason, a wet washcloth is far more disgusting to them than running into the sea was…..

Oops - salty, not saty. heh heh

Dead seal makes 'eau de catfish' seem downright delightful, I'll count my blessings!

It smells REALLY BAD! You should have seen all the dogs running over to it like a magnet and rolling on it. It was big too and people would scream and run at their dogs yelling "GET OFF, GET OFF"!! It's funny until yours rolls on it.

Well, we don't have dead or live seals either where we live, maybe catfish. But I think I'd prefer either of those to eau de horse poop!

They sure have some dirty (to us) habits. Malaika found a plastic bag that had , had something bloody in it and rolled on it.
I think the theory is they do it in the wild to disguise their scent ??

A theory I have read is that the dog/wolf/pack canid finds something dead and rolls, then returns to the group with that big scent message, communicating "look what I found, a dead seal, come on, lets go eat!"

We discovered this evening that a small bait fish can actually make a basenji smell worse than a huge catfish head. 'nuff said.

I think we should count our blessings that we don't have skunks in sunny Florida, because with your luck, Anne, your dogs would find the road kill and roll all over those smelly furry creatures!

So, needless to say two baths in two weeks? 🙂


I think we should count our blessings that we don't have skunks in sunny Florida, because with your luck, Anne, your dogs would find the road kill and roll all over those smelly furry creatures!

So, needless to say two baths in two weeks? 🙂

We DO have skunks in Florida, Patty - count your blessings that you haven't come across any - we've had them walk through our property and the B's go nuts trying to convince us they "need" to go out at that time - fortunately we know better! :eek:

I wonder if skunks smell like badgers? That's the worst smelling poo that my Basenjis roll in. They particularly wipe the side of their muzzles in the poo - more often than the whole body..

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