• Can anyone tell me why Basenjis stand over another animal? Is it protecting or showing dominance?😕

  • I think you need to explain more what you mean by standing over?

  • Hi Raptorman,
    welcome to the forum.
    Our Basenji Puppy will stand with her head just over or actualy resting on our Cat. I interpret this as showing dominance on this occasion.

  • Welcome…How many b's do you have?
    My girl does this to my boy, and I think its a small way for her to show she is "above" him in our home.

  • My girlfriend has a flat coated retriever, when laying down, Raptor (the basenji) will stand over his head. The retriever does not have a problem with this.

  • Great name for a basenji. After Jurassic Park debuted, we called out basenjis velociraptors, seemed to fit their moves, their look…and their ethics (if I can get it, I can eat it)!

    As for standing over, probably a tiny dominance thing, or just "ownership", as long as other dog doesn't mind, it isn't a serious issue for them.

  • My boy Chance likes to 'stand'. Everytime he goes out for a pee he comes back in, strutting his stuff, and 'stands'. This is so all the other dogs can come and sniff/lick his bits. We say he is 'tarting' because he is so handsome and is saying 'look at me'. 😃

  • Abbey does that to my mother's chihuahua. Sometimes she'll reach over and give him a little bop on the head. Seems like dominance to me.

  • When Nemo is curled up and sleeping, Zoni will sometimes stand over him. Looks kind of silly. He usually just keeps sleeping.

  • I think it's a seniority (not necessarily in age) thing too. Spring gets her daughter to move from a spot she wants just by standing silently over her like this. Gbala grumbles a little and then moves away deferentially.

  • i think i got a pic of what you're talking about. my boy Zumi does this all the time with my other two dogs. he will stand over them, sometimes with hackles raised and posturing, or sometimes he just stands there over them, doing nothing at all. It doesn't seem to bother the other dogs, so i don't bother either. the dog he is standing over is only 6 months, but he is a highly aggressive dog, he doesn't seem to care that Zumi stands like this.


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