• Aaliyah was shown in Stormville, NY this weekend - Fri, Sat. It was a big entry both days - 16 basenjis on each day. She went into the shows needing 3 points to finish her championship. She was at 12 points with three majors.

    On Friday she went reserve (Kyle Cabral showed her) - in absolute pouring buckets rain. I was extremely happy she did as well as she did.

    Later that afternoon we decided to give her a try with lure coursing (which was on the same site as the show) and ran her first leg of her JC in the rain - cool in the 70s. Prior to her running we stood at the sidelines to watch and we weren't sure if she was watching the dogs run or the lure. Anyway, once it was her turn, she did AWESOME. OMG, it was so fun to see her run so fast and she clearly loved it and was right on the lure - at one point running uphill we thought she might actually catch it, lol :D. On the final corner she ran it a little wide (the lure operator had it way out in front of her at that point) and we thought she might actually run over to everyone on the sidelines instead of going back on the lure, but she went right back to it - yay. And there was no problem catching her at the end (my biggest concern). She passed with flying colours.

    The next day, Saturday we had a 10:30 ring time. It was probably pretty close to 90 degrees - hot, sunny and muggy. We made the decision to try the second leg of the JC because we thought it would be too hot later in the day to run. Also, since Aaliyah has been a bit of a nut case in the ring at times because she has so much energy, we thought it might help take the edge off her :D. This time on the sidelines there was no question she was looking at the bunny and not at the other dogs - a couple of ridgebacks and whippets walked in front of her and she didn't even notice them she was so busy watching the lure :). So we ran her - she didn't have as good a run as she did the first day - she started off great, but then noticed the lines and knew she needed to cross over them but wasn't quite sure what to do about it. She stopped looked at them, but then noticed the lure again and off she went. She did it a couple more times, but clearly was still interested in the lure. Then on the final corner, she went around it and then noticed the sound of the pulley, went back to check that out and then started back toward the finish and ran over to us on the sidelines. The judge said "albeit creative, she passed!" Yay, she earned her JC. When she finished she was super hot. We put a cool coat on her, she drank tons of water, we worked on cooling her down and then took her up to the show ring (20 minutes from the end of her JC run was our ring time).

    We had some time and by the time it was time to go in the ring, she wasn't panting any longer. 😃 Her breeder, Pam Geoffroy showed her. She won her class - showed the best I had ever seen her - nice carriage, really moved out, beautiful on the table - she was in it to win it. Then she went winners bitch - again, showed amazing - won the major in bitches (4 pts) which earned her title - a collective cheer went out from our group - she has been a project to show (the judge laughed) and told her breeder that it wasn't hard to find her. Then she went back in for breed, went BW/BOB and beat her brother (the special - stunning dog!!!!!) and so she ended up with a 5pt major and her Championship title. :D:D:D

    By the time we went back up for the group ring, she had nothing left. No zest at all. In fact, when I went to get her out of her crate, she looked at me like "leave me alone mom - let me sleep". So needless to say she did nothing in the group - oh well.

    So all in all a pretty great day for Aaliyah, me, her breeders - 2 titles in one day! Thank you Pam, Sheila and Kyle. She finished her championship with 17 points (4 majors: two 3pt majors, one 4pt major and one 5pt major; and 2 single points; and 2 best of breeds). And now she has a title at both ends of her name, so she is Ch. Eldorado's The Chosen One, JC.

    When I get the pic, I'll post it. Yay Li Li!!!

  • Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  • How fantastic, congratulations to you and Aaliyah. Look foward to seeing some pics.

  • What a great weekend… congrats!

  • Congrats, that is truely a great weekend.

  • Well done to you all!

  • Congratulations, what an amazing day!!!

    She is a pretty girl, I love her sire ♥

  • @pacificNWbasenji:

    Congratulations, what an amazing day!!!

    She is a pretty girl, I love her sire ♥

    Thanks! Time for an updated photo as she looks quite a bit different now. I haven't posted any of her show photos other than her first puppy win (and she was so immature at that stage)…because I'm picky and something has been wrong with each of them - roaching, posting, head not up...you name it. Hopefully this one comes out better - she was tired enough :D.

    Oh, and I love her sire too - Sean is out of my girl Ruby :D.

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words! 😃

  • Congratulations on your amazing weekend.

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