• My rescue has always been in good health and ready to go. However the last two weeks she has been getting weaker and weaker. The vet said it was the weather (hot) and gave her some pills. It hasn't helped much, so he suggested further diags, (xrays and blood work). going to have that done as soon as the money is available (next week). but I'm so worried about her. She's my 4th brat and I check her for fancone every month. Has anyone had the same problem with heat? She's eating, drinking and has no bowel or urine problems, thank God.

  • what pills? how old is she? what have you been feeding her?

  • Instead of checking her urine for fanconi, please get the DNA test. Sadly, BRAT falls down on that one. Your dog can HAVE fanconi and not spill sugar for a while. If you have her inside in the air conditioning, going out to potty should NOT cause that much issue. If you suspect heat is the problem, or adding to it, let her out only to potty and then back in to the cool. How old is she? Is she losing weight?

  • In June she was taking an eye drop-Pred acetate susp (that's all it says on RX label, believe she's about 8 (rescue, so not sure. She gets Authority Senior.. The pills arecarprofen

  • OK I'll have Vet check for that. Does this sound like fanconi, I'll start checking each morning urine? She loves the heat so I haven't been making her come in but I'll try and make her more. She sits by the back door and wants to go out. She's about 8 and was losing weight. I started feeding her cottage cheese with hamburger and some of her dog food (Authority, Senior) and sh'e seems to do better. Figured anything to make her eat so she have some energy to fight this. Thanks to all for replies.

  • I'm so sorry your little girl feels poorly. The early symptoms of Fanconi (other than sugar in the urine) are excessive drinking and urinating. There is a very noticeable increase in water consumption and peeing, but it doesn't usually make the dog weak and sick until the Fanconi is quite advanced. Your test strips generally indicate the presence of sugar before the dog is symptomatic, so if you're checking monthly, I would suspect that something else is going on.

    I honestly think you need bloodwork as soon as possible. Maybe your vet will work with you or offer a payment plan? I hope your girl feels better soon!

  • Thanks for the information. She doesn't have an increase in water consumption. We will have the money for the vet Thurs but it makes me mad she had to suffer first. I've gone to this vet for 15 years and was able to charge in the past (and paid on time) but I guess he's had too many jerks taking advantage. I'm praying it's fixable with meds once we find out exactly what it is. I'll let you know. Thanks again.

  • Keep us posted on how she's doing and what you find. I hope it turns out well for you and your little girl. Here's another option for you:


    I don't know anything about it, except that some have found it helpful in emergency situations.

  • This is what credit cards are good for, and I don't know any vets that don't take them. Pay the balance a month later and it costs you nothing for the "loan". Large animal vets, at least where I live, are much more lenient. I have never, ever had to pay on receipt of services. They bill me, and even then I get a month to have it paid before interest is added. In fact, my vet gives $5 off if you pay within a certain time frame (20 days?). But then, I can get a routine visit where the mobile fee (farm call) is less than I would pay to take my dog to the small animal vet and have him looked at for a couple of minutes!

    That said, if I had been using a vet for 15 years and they wouldn't give me a week to pony up, that would likely be enough to have me vet shopping. If loyalty buys you nothing, then why be loyal to them??

  • I have always had to pay at the time of service. And some smaller vets only take Visa or MasterCard (since Discover and AmEx have higher fees). But some situations call for flexibility. I agree that if I had gone to a vet for 15 years– or even one year-- and they wouldn't work with me to care for my sick animal, I would find someone more sympathetic. Though vets will often do a LOT more for you than the receptionist at the front desk.

    I know Thursday isn't that far off, bratlover, but there are probably Ohio residents on this forum who can help you find another vet, if you find yourself in need.

  • Bratlover, did you find out anything about your sick girl? Is she feeling better?

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