79 Days, 20 Hours, 23 Minutes, 16 Seconds…

  • That's how much time is left before the fun filled week, where hundreds of basenji feet converge in the great state of Colorado, begins!

    Hola! It's me again, your pesky 2010 BCOA National Specialty Treasurer. As you can guess I am once again asking for financial assistance - only this time with a sense of urgency concerning the performance and Junior Showmanship classes.

    Performance people - past, present, and future - if we want the BCOA to continue offering our basenjis a vast array of venues (coursing, racing, obedience, rally, agility) with which to showcase our basenjis at future National Specialties we need to show the BCOA our support of these venues. Moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles - what better way to keep the future of our breed (and our world) on the straight and narrow than to encourage younger generations within the breed by supporting Junior classes at the National Specialty?

    I would hate for the BCOA to discontinue offering these classes due to a perceived lack of interest!

    Let's not let that happen! How can you help?

    Below is a list of the remaining trophies in need of YOUR sponsorship. We have done an incredible job (of which we thank you!!) thus far but I know we can do even better.

    Remember - no amount is too great or too small!!

    Novice Intermediate
    Novice Senior
    Open Junior
    Open Intermediate
    Open Senior

    Beginner Novice A
    Beginner Novice B
    Graduate Novice
    Open B
    Graduate Open
    Utility A
    Utility B
    High Combined in Open B & Utility

    Advanced B
    Excellent B

    Novice A Standard
    Excellent A
    Excellent B
    Novice A Preferred Standard
    Novice B Preferred Standard
    Open Preferred Standard
    Excellent A Preferred Standard
    Excellent B Preferred Standard

    Jumpers With Weaves
    Novice A JWW
    Novice B JWW
    Open JWW
    Excellent B JWW
    Novice A Preferred JWW
    Novice B Preferred JWW
    Open Preferred JWW
    Excellent A Preferred JWW
    Excellent B Preferred JWW

    Qualifying Score Rosettes

    Puppy Bitch, 9-12 mos
    Bitches, 12-18 mos
    Open, Brindle & White Bitch
    Select Bitch
    Judge AOM (6 slots left)
    Brood Bitch

    Puppy Dog, 9-12 mos
    Puppy Dog, 12?18 mos
    Puppy Bitch, 9-12 mos
    Puppy Bitch, 12-18 mos

    1/2 Adult Bitch
    3/4 Adult Bitch
    Parade of Full Africans

    Parade of Titleholders:
    We need multiple sponsors - only $10 each! What a steal.

    To donate - visit http://www.basenji.org/nationalspecialty/2010/Trophies.html

    Permission to cross post to any show lists, forums, persons, et al that I have not included or are not on any of these lists.

    THANK YOU in advance!!

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  • We are sooooo excited about going this year!! Already made hotel reservations and sponsored a trophy!!

  • I actually still have vacation that week! (just found that out last week) and we haven't got other plans for vacation this summer.. so if anybody is in need of some good Dutch company, let me know 😉

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