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Hi, my name is Bruce and I stopped by to let you know that today we have a cartoon inspired by a Basenji and an Irish Wolfhound, and you are not going to believe where the Basenji sleeps. Take a look:

Basenji cartoon

If you haven't discovered DrawtheDog.com yet, we post one cartoon a day inspired by a photo or story a dog owner has sent us. Each cartoon draws itself as you watch.

We are always looking for more photos, and we don't get as many Basenji submissions as we would like. You can send them to photos@drawthedog.com

I love this site…

Welcome Bruce and thanks for posting. I too love your site - I've always found it quite entertaining and really amazing at the same time! You may have just opened the flood gates for basenji entries, lol. 🙂 Love the entry today!

Opening the floodgates is a good thing. People think we get too many stories, but in truth Jim ALWAYS wants more.

Too cute… thanks for joining and sending the link

First Basenji's

It's a very fun site! Thanks for putting your time and skill into this!

Just as a note, the site hasn't worked for me in the past when others have tried to post your cartoons. Sometimes it gives me a "Get Adobe Flash Player" icon (as in this entry: http://drawthedog.com/?p=1409), when I clearly already have it, since I am able to see some cartoons – like this latest installment. Not sure if other folks have reported similar problems or it's just me.

Anyway, you have a very creative website.

Wonderful!! What a great idea and such a delightful picture.

Welcome to the forum - I hope you get lots more photos.

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