• My husband and I are planning to be there for the weekend. I look forward to meeting more breeders, and of course, more basenjis! See you there, Sharron!

  • It's a good time. Mostly all the folks are quality and the dogs are the same.
    My fav weekend of the year!

  • I'll be there showing in Juniors with the Basenji I co-own 🙂

  • Oh, great…I will be there fri afternoon until sun.
    Are you going to the EBC banquet?
    They are having one on Sat after the show...then an auction.
    Its all just great fun!!

  • I won't be showing this year, I really wanted to go to the BCOA National Specialty so I had to sacrifice my trip to EBC/WWHA.

    I will miss seeing everyone there!

  • Here is the plan for the EBC weekend..if any of you folks can attend, its worth your drive.
    Our ring times will be approximately:
    Fri Afternoon Futurity and Maturity 4:30-5:30
    **Committee members supporting this should plan to arrive between 3-3:30
    Friday evening social night: 5:30 ish -7 or whenever!

    Sat morning:
    9:00 judging starts with Juniors followed by class dogs and then class bitches
    ***Committee members supporting this should plan to arrive ~8ish
    ~11:30-1 Lunch
    1;00 Veteran and Field dog classes, followed by BOB, followed by multiple entry classes
    Expect to be done around 3:30.

    I think 5:00 banquet start will be perfect, 90 min after judging.

  • Sharron, thanks so much for the outline of the weekend. We'll drop our stuff off at the hotel on Friday and head over! Not sure if we can get going early enough to make 9 a.m. on Saturday, but will head over when we are up and about. Probably around 10:30 a.m. Looking forward to it all!

  • Fran, no worries about a sat later start for you 2. There will be b's to meet and greet.
    Its only a few days now…

  • We will be there with Shaun.

    Looking forward to it. Hopefully we will get to meet you and your dogs as well…


  • Oh, I have to tell you, I don't bring my pets to this venue. First, its outside, and now, in the PNW, its hot! So, Max, as much as I would like to see your Shaun, I would suggest you leave him home, for this venue.
    Its very stressful for a non show b to be on the grounds, its hot, and its just not a great place for pet b's….
    But I would love to meet you, and introduce you to my friends.

  • AFAIK, Katie has plans to show Shaun so he might be there…

  • Oh, Seattle Max that is totally different. I look forward to cheering your Shaun ringside.

  • Sharron,

    I wanted to bring Hunter with me on Saturday so he could meet his "angel Mom". But, I understand your concerns. I couldn't even pretend he's a show b!!!!:D

    Looking forward to meeting you and maybe SeattleMax too!

  • I do understand the desire to bring your b..and I would love to meet Hunter…but this venue is a bit rough. Its outside, with dogs and humans sharing what shade there is...
    Vicki, please come anyway..there are venders who have neat stuff to sell, mostly, dog related...
    It really is a great time....

  • Sharron, do you know what time the new African Basenjis will be shown at this event? I'd love to see them, but am working Friday and would hate to miss them.

  • I believe all the africans will be there all weekend.
    Maybe not in the show ring, but I would be happy to take you over and introduce you to the folks who have these wonderful dogs!
    So, come sat and enjoy.

  • I'll be there on Saturday then, looking forward to meeting the African Basenjis!

  • I love 'Shaun's' webpage, and I look forward to meeting such a clever dog! 🙂

  • smharr4, you will also get to meet Fran and her husband who are driving down from BC.
    It will be an awsome day!

  • It sounds like it's going to be a great day, yes!

    We'll be there tomorrow morning, looking forward to seeing everyone there.

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