• Sadly, Lou my nice husband, woke up to a car that had been ransacked, stuff taken and sigh* they took our
    Garage door opener. So, I was late to work today, getting the automatic door opener disabled and making sure you couldn?t open the garage by hand.
    Course, once the garage door is open, they have total access to the house. Thank Heavens Lou noticed it was gone.
    I do have good neighbors, and we told them about it, but still, we all have lives?.we can?t expect them to stand guard.

    Darn it, I am so darn mad! Lou is such a nice guy and to have this happen to him really sucks.
    I do believe in Karma, so it will come back to bite them?

  • I'm really sorry to hear this Sharon. You just really feel like "how could somebody do this"! What goes around comes around. The good news is you and your husband are safe and unhurt. Even when criminals are not physically caught by the police does not mean they got away with it. You see they put themselves in jail in their own head and that's the worst jail you could be in. That's why they get worse off, have drug and alcohol problems or eventually go to jail for something else.

  • Thank Dan..yes, it could have been so much worse. We were home, they could have opened the garage…I like to think we would have woke up, but who knows?
    So, really, except for the "stuff" Lou lost and the feeling of violation, we are ok.
    Just sure does make you mad!
    Thanks so much for this post.

  • yes, karma exists. may take a while, but it will come back to that "person".

    so sorry, it's a downer

  • So sorry to hear that Sharron… that really "sucks"...... Hug to everyone and glad that the only thing that was "hurt" was the car!

  • My husband, who is close to 60, came in with a look a little boy would have on his face, when his toy was broken.
    This is a new car…they smoked in it!!!! Yuck! and they took his "stuff"...
    Major man violation.
    Makes me mad for him.
    BUT I will spay it with doggie stain removed and make it all better.
    Thanks for the kind words.

  • Houston

    Sharron, I am so sorry to hear of y'all's car being broken into..it is a very violating feeling for sure..I know.
    Karma is good that way,they will get what they deserve…I honestly believe that.

  • Thanks Petra…at least we are safe and the b's are safe.
    Really, in the long run, that is all that matters.

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    My husband, who is close to 60, came in with a look a little boy would have on his face, when his toy was broken.

    oh that's heartbreaking. that look. i know you hate it for him.

  • Oh my friend, what a horrible, horrible thing to have happen. Thankfully you are all safe. Lou was doing some quick thinking when noticing the garage remote was missing. Do whatever you can to report this to the police. Maybe someone else in your area suffered the same fate, and then they will patrol your area and possibly catch the person? These people should feel what it feels like to be violated. But I suspect people like this don't feel any feelings very deeply, remorse they probably never feel.

    Yes, I too believe in "what comes around goes around". Whoever did this is running head first into fate, and not a nice one I may add.

    My biggest hugs to you and Lou.

  • Sharron, I'm so sorry to hear about this. Happy that no one was hurt, but it is horrible to know some unknown stranger was in your car.

    I can definitely relate to feeling of violation from it - my cars have been broken into many times (too many to count actually) - usually with windows broken and stereo stolen. My last one happened one block from the Police Station - you could see my condo from where the officer took my report :rolleyes:.

    Yes, karma will get them in the end - and whoever mentioned remorse - I doubt they feel any. My experience is that it is usually kids, and here in Portland it is kids looking for stuff to fence for drug money.

  • So sorry to hear about Lou's car and your garage Sharon but very glad no one was hurt.
    I hope the thieves/vandals get their comeuppance

  • Sharron, I'm so sorry for you both - it must be a terrible feeling of violation. I'm sure that such people get their come-uppance in the end and I've had personal experience of that. Like you I believe in Karma.

  • I'm sorry to hear about this Sharron. I'm sure it makes you feel like your personal space was violated. Ugh. I'm glad no one was hurt and I hope the battery dies on the garage door opener…

  • Hehehe, thanks you guys. I am much better today, altho Lou is still bothered.
    Yesterday, a neighbor 2 doors down had the same thing happen to her.
    I told her we filed a police report and she said she would as well.
    I know its low on the cops list, as they are so busy with other matters, but maybe we
    will get someone driving through a bit more often.
    Hugs to you all.

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