Hi from mahendra, moses and tzonga

  • Mahendra is a 7yo black and white male who is now the alpha. I got him last year after the death of my first Basenji, Channayn. She was the alpha and ran the pack until she died of complete organ failure at age 15.

    Mahendra Suri's name sake comes from the Indian astronomer. He was the first to collect astronomical data, from the Semites, Indians and Chinese and put it one text. He was also the first Indian to write a text on the astrolabe. This a device that aids in the prediction of astronomical events such as eclipes, comets and planetary alignment.

    Moses is a 10yo red and white male and the crumudgeon. I got him when he was 2 from SLC. His owners were moving out of state to go to med school, fortunately they knew the would not have the time for him. He and Channayn became fast friends. Moses is the shortened version of his AKC name, Mansa Musa. Translated from the Arabic means King Moses. Mansa Musa was the emporer of Mali, got on good terms with the Arabs and made Timbukto the scientific, economic and art capitol of Northern Africa. Mansa Musa was so wealthy than when he went through Egypt on his pilgramage to Mecca, he handed out gold to the poor and devalued gold in Egypt for the next 20 years.

    Nothing interesting about Tzonga's name, except when I wanted a third Basenji my x-wife insisted on a tri female and name her Tzonga. She is 5 and quite gregarious. Every other dog we meet she has to sniff and play with. I thought for sure when Channayn died the pack would be hers. She had other aspirations.

    All 3 get along now. Lately they have been sleeping with me. Tzonga and Moses sleep under the covers. Mahendra sleeps next to me, usually with his head on my pillow.


  • Welcome, your B's are very cute, keep the pics coming

  • Very interesting backgrounds on your pup's names! Barooootefull dogs! Thanks for sharing the pictures! And welcome aboard! 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum! All you need is a brindle and you would have the complete set! LOL!

  • Lovely pack. Yep - all you need is a brindle. (just 1 more) Welcome to the forum. It's much fun and very informative. More pics please??

  • Welcome…beautiful dogs, lovely names. I'm sure you'll enjoy this site...!

  • Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I have 100's of photos of my kids. Unfortenuately most are over the allowable file size. Eventually I will have my server up and running so ya'll can view my pack.

  • Hi manendra_suri, Welcome to Basenji Forums!

    You can upload all your photos to our member galleries section. There is no size limit for uploading pictures to your gallery as they are automatically resized by the gallery software.

    We only enforce the picture size limit for adding pictures directly into the forum posts because not everyone has a hight speed internet connection and for those members it takes a long time to download each page containing large images.

    Members galleries section: http://www.basenjiforums.com/gallery/
    Gallery howto: http://www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=730

  • What beautiful Basenjis!! Welcome to the forum!! I love their names 🙂

  • Wow, what beauties! Welcome to the forum… I look forward to more pics!:)

  • well you gatta LOVE the bassenjis!! i know ill never own nething else!! B's all the WAY

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