• Hello, I'm Robert Saavedra and have become a Basenji Fan!!! I share a beautiful 7 month old female with my 22 year old daughter Danielle. . She was abandoned at two weeks, hand fed for three weeks by a couple who found her and her brother on the side of the road. They owned two pits that were getting too rough on them and lucky for us we found out about her. I now wish we had adopted her brother. !! I have had dogs my whole life losing the great family Lab a year ago. I have never smiled so much in my entire life :). I'm looking now for another little B for her to play with.

  • Houston

    Welcome onboard..Sounds like she found her loving family just in time…

  • 😃 Thanks B mamma, when you get a chance take a look at her, I posted on show off your dog. She looks and acts purebred, except she does listen to me !!hahaha. It really doen't matter, but I think you are an expert, Yes?


  • She looks a lot like an undocked Rat Terrier to me. Especially her nose color. Since the Decker Rat Terriers were developed using basenjis, there are many Rat Terriers that strongly resemble basenjis and have many basenji behaviors.

    She is a cutie no matter what she is and I am sure you will enjoy her.

  • Yeah, I had someone else say that to me, I'm confused?? traits seem the same? I love her just the same. Her nose color has been getting darker in the last month.

  • Rat Terriers come in many sizes and types. One of those types is the Decker line that used two basenjis in its development. Breeders who have used the Decker line in their breeding program often have Rat Terriers that bare a strong resemblance to their basenji ancestors. Many will also possess basenji like traits. There are differences between them but they are like cousins. Your girl's head shape also makes me think rat terrier.

    Again, no matter what she is, you are welcome here and will probably still find a lot of useful information.

  • Thanks, I think you may be right!! It's weird she has the wrinkled face, has yodeled once at night at a dog walking across the street, she has a weird screech when she's alarmed, always thought her head shape wasn't heart shaped enough. Maybe a terrior/basenji mix?? I guess I could do a dna test…Yes?

  • The DNA tests are pretty unreliable. In my neighborhood there are several Rat Terriers and there are a couple if you just caught a glimpse, you would swear it was a basenji. Really, it isn't going to matter much which she is unless you are hoping to do performance events with her.

  • First Basenji's

    Grrr on the people who abandoned her, and yay for you who rescued her! Welcome.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Houston

    Hi again, Robert..I think she is adorable, I saw her pictures..

    I had a friend do the DNA test and it (to me!!) is a joke..his dog is all of a lab mutt..looks, behaviour and all..but the test came back jack russell terrier and chow chow..WHAT??

  • Wonderful that you saved this dog..good for you!

  • Welcome and thank goodness she has found a good home.

    I have never encountered a Rat Terrier and found Ivoss' explanation interesting. I haven't looked at your pictures yet but whatever, she is still your lovely dog, Basenji cross or no.

    I would think that the DNA test might be just another money making scheme!!

  • It's great that you were able to rescue her, what happened to her brother?

  • Welcome to you and kudos for rescuing your dog. Whatever breed she is, she is yours to love and enjoy.

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