Flea treatment

How diligent are you all with flea treatment for your basenjis?

All 3 of my cats are due for their shots this week.
They are all senior cats and have always seem to be a little out of it after their flea shots, at least for a day. We use the shot as opposed to the solution because they just lick the solution off.

How do your basenjis react to a flea vaccine? Or do you use the treatment applied on the back of the neck? With basenjis having such bendy heads, do they try to lick off the solution?

I use Frontline. They do not try to lick off. I usually apply at bed time so it mostly absorbed by the time they wake up.

I have not heard of a flea vaccine.

Tillo had his last flea and tick treatment…... last summer? He never has any fleas and I found his first and only tick when we were in Sweden, a week after his treatment. I apply it between the shoulders. No licking here, I don't think he can reach it 😉
If we go on holiday I do treat the house and give Tillo his treatment too, just to be sure 🙂 I use Frontline for the house and Practic for Tillo.

I've only used Frontline once - because of a feral cat in the yard last year. Otherwise, I don't use flea treatment as we don't have a problem. I use natural bug wipes (for mosquitoes, black flies, ticks, deer flies, etc) that are available at Planet Dog. I think they contain citronella, lavendar and neem oil. If my dogs were traveling to a place where there was a flea problem, I would probably give each of mine a dose of Frontline.

My vet says that they see lots of dogs still contract Lyme's (and other tick borne diseases) while using Frontline, so the best option is a visual check after walking in tall grass or woods. Easy to see on my r&w - not as easy on brindle or b&w, so I try to also use a flea comb.

I used Frontline a few times last year, but I rarely take Kananga to wooded areas and fleas are not a problem around here, so I'm not using it this year.

No problems with ticks so far… 😃

I rarely have flea problems with my Basenjis -they have garlic regularly which I think may be the reason. They are around all sorts of wild animals so must be in contact with fleas at some point.

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