• Beeji tested positive for heartworms. The Vet said it was an early positve so he didn't think the adult infestation was too bad.

    He put Beeji on a three month treatment. The first was a series of 2 shots and Beeji had to stay overnight. I was to take him home and keep him calm (how I asked the Vet? He just said do your best.) I think it has something to do with as the worms are killed by the poison that is injected, they can clump or something and then pass via the heart or lungs and either can be fatal.

    After the first 30 days, he goes back for another overnight and another shot, then 30 more days of calm. Then a final shot which he doesn't have to stay overnight for.

    After that we go on the preventive.

    Does anyone here have any experience with this? I am worried everytime Beeji gets active and he has managed to get in a couple of B500s on me.

    I'd appreciate any knowledge, help, calming of me, etc that anyone can offer.


    worried Wordweaver

  • Oh boy, Cheryl…I'm not sure how to keep a basenji calm. I guess maybe gating off an area to minimize the B500s is a good idea.
    Many years ago, a boyfriend of mine had a bulldog with heartworm. The vet explained that it was arsenic (not sure how true it was then or now) but that most dogs who were considered treatable made it through the treatment. His dog was quite old at the time and was fine.
    I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers and send lots of healing ((hugs)) your way. Please keep us posted.
    Sharon & Nala

  • I don't know, Cheryl. Does he do okay in a crate? Of course, I am sure when he is out of the great then he goes nuts.

    What about lots of good chew things…like raw bones, or compressed rawhide?

    Best of luck...I wish I had some better ideas for you.

  • I'm sorry to hear about Beeji, but I'm glad they caught this early. He is so lucky to have you taking care of him. How about taking him for long long slowly paced walks to burn off energy at a moderate pace so that he's less likely to have spurts of energy?? Since neither of my dogs were crate trained, if they had to be confined, I used one of those X pens I think I've heard them called. At least that would keep them from doing the Basenji vs german shepherd 500.

  • SO sorry to hear about Beeji…how about LOTS & LOTS of leash walking. This way you can drain some of his energy & by the time he gets home all he wants to do is sleep.

    My B's conck out after a nice looooooong walk & have no desire to play or B500 at all.

  • Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the ideas. We are doing several walks on the lead and that does help. I am also well stocked on chewy things and we only go out in the back yard for a little while so he can check out his turf.

    As long as I curl up with him, he stays pretty calm, so I am taking advantage of that and letting us both be lazy. When I am on the computer, he gets on my bed and naps so that helps.

    We went for a regular check and the vet said he was pleased with the progress so far. He said that Beeji's lungs sounded fine and the occassional cough made sense since the worms have to go somewhere.

    The good news is we caught this early so I don't have to keep him as calm as I probably would if it had been a more severe case. You can see him every once in a while get this glint in his eyes and you know he is just itching to take off. I try to do things in the house then like rolling a ball in the living room (limited space) he loves belly rubs so I will be amazed if he has any fur left there!! just kidding but he does love them and it keeps him calm.

    The good news is the long long walks are good for me too! Here is to about 70 more days! whew.

  • Oh I forgot to mention that he loves his crate too. He is happy to get in and stay in all night and even likes to sleep in in the mornings so we just sleep ourselves out before our first morning walk.

    Thanks again.

  • There are a few things that calm Senji down. If it's raining, he's practically catatonic most of the day. He likes to stretch out in front of the space heater. He also likes to be stroked from his nose up to the ridge on his forehead (upward strokes). And of course, belly rubs! He also stays extra calm if I leave his sweater on. It's a Fido Fleece with velcro on the back.
    Sorry to hear about the heartworm problem. I heard that it got spread widely throughout the US due to animals that were relocated from Hurricaine Katrina.

  • I'm glad to know that he's progressing nicely and you are finding ways to adjust to it. Still keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!

  • @nala121498:

    I'm glad to know that he's progressing nicely and you are finding ways to adjust to it. Still keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!

    Bless you Nala,
    Today has been a hard day for the whole family. Mom is having difficulty with her arthritis and the pain is very strong. I am ready with the pain meds as needed.

    Beeji must have gotten up full of the devil as he has been into waaaaaaaaay too many things today.

    We started out with the food battle. I put the mixed dry and wet into the bowl. He watched me as If he was the prince and had to say "No that doesn't suite me, take it away.

    Well after 20 minutes, I took up the food snacks. Anything he could reach such as rawhides etc were put away. We get dressed, leashed and ledding and are finally ready to go.

    We walked a double amount this morning and by the time I got him back t the house, I was exhausted but he was still pretty fiesty. We decided to head to the back yard where I can toss his floppy disk and he can chase it, growl at it, shake it in that death toss and then he flips it up and runs after it again.

    When we went in for lunch. He tried the begging route but Mom and I had talkd aobut how to reach him first and find a job fo him and

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