• Hello,
    Has anybody used "Revolution" by pfizer? I gave to my puppy "heartgard" and "frontline" for fleas, since "Revolution" Stops fleas and Prevents heartworm in one application i think this is much easier, what do you suggest, should i switch?

  • Good question! Does anyone know about this brand, Revolution?

  • I believe it is fairly new on the market… while I do give heartworm monthly, we really don't have a big flea problem. Usually only like last summer when we had the very unusal heat wave (110+) for two + wks or if cats come over the fence into the yard (and not very often....ggg)... so since I don't have to use a flea product every month, I personally would just stick to using one chemical based thing... don't like to put more on them then I have too... but the risks of heartworm out weight the possible negative effects... you can goolge Revolution and go to the mfg site to read about it...

  • Yes we use revolution on our B. It is a drop that we place on the nape of his neck and it absorbed.

  • I am using revolution this year. I have heard nothing but good things about it and I could use the added protection of the tick killer in it. We seem to be having a lot of ticks show up this year. My B's don't get a lot of fleas either-usually from the heeler but I'd rather give it to them than have them scratch all this time.

  • I'm a vet tech. revolution is a good product but it doesn't cover all species of ticks. I stick to heartguard and frontline because I have a lot of ticks with lyme disease in my area. It all really depends on your dog's exposure and how comfortable you are. Just be sure to part the fur and make sure it goes directly on the skin and no bathing/swimming for 2 days before or after.

  • I have used it for about 3 months now. Seems to be doing good so far. I was Leary at first, I'm so used to the oral heart worm preventive !! Doesn't seem like something that goes on the skin could work as well.
    My Vet says it's great and she has been using it and advantage on her dogs since it came out.

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