• It's Flea, Tick and Heartworm season for those of is in the lucky climates to support such critters as mosquitos.

    Lot o choices of things you can shove in or strap on your dog to control this stuff. We learned a few years ago that Flea and Tick collars are BAD BAD BAD! Lots of dogs had bad reaction and I recall reading stories of dogs that either had to be put down or died as a result of wearing collars of a certain brand. Search and you'll find the stories.

    Sooo... what are your favorite remedies and control products?

  • Totally agree... flea and tick collars are NOT safe, especially if you have more than on in the home and they play... they can bite the flea collar... NOT GOOD... If you have a flea/tick issues use something like Frontline... at least that is what I do for so many years with my Basenjis and recommend it for any pups that I place. Heartworm I use NuHeart that is only for heart worm and I just give it once a month for the entire year. I do not believe that they need other "worming" unless there is an indication that it is need by having a stool sample done by your Vet.

  • @tanza, my vet had recommended Frontline. I'm leaning that way. I like that NuHeart is heartworm only and not a bunch of other stuff. Leaning that way too.

  • I have used Frontline in the past although tick and heartworm problems in this country are nothing like as prevalent.
    I do worm-treat (for roundworm) with Nexgard. Once a month.

  • doodle is currently taking Simparica TRIO (every 6 weeks year round). I chose this brand specifically due to the fact that I live in the South and NC, USA is home to fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Our swampy wetlands may be popular with duck hunters, but even duck hunters love their dogs!

    I do not give her the meds every month because I suspect that manufacturers tend to put in more meds than really necessary. It sounds counter intuitive, but in practical terms: why would you give a 44# dog the same dose as a 22# dog? So, since doodle isn't 44#s, I add a couple weeks to the dosage to prevent a chemical build up in her system. She doesn't seem to display any noticeable (scratching) issues until the day or two before her next dose.

    This diagram illustrates that heartworm treatment is effective between 1-2 months after the related mosquito bite transmission. That information was relevant in my dosage theory. Because there is a 4-8 week window before the typical heartworm treatment becomes ineffective, So... I question the need to medicate our pets every single month (and I want to think I'm doing it right).

    Naturally, you should make your own decision, based on where you live, the prevalence of mosquitos, fleas, and ticks, and how your dog reacts to the treatment you have chosen. doodle has been taking Simparica TRIO 22.1-44.0# tablets for a year and she seems to be doing well with it.

    climbing off soapbox

  • @Zande My vet also recommended us to use Nexgard monthly. Since there aren't many basenjis around, I've asked the breeder and he said to avoid pills that provide external protection due to possible liver issues. Ever had issues with Nexgard in that regard?

    Unfortunately, I'm limited in options here. For external use, I can only get Frontline Spot On (doesn't seem to be as effective as Plus) or Vectra 3D (which seem to be somewhat similar to Frontline Plus). As for heartworms, I couldn't find anything really, even online is hard to order Nuheart or similar products in EU. But I believe that heartworms are not as prevalent here, either.

  • @lustopher I have used Nexgard for years and never had any issues with it. Before that I did use Frontline but for some reason my vet changed and I didn't question it.

    Heart worm is not a problem here so I have never had any experience with remedies or protections.

  • @Zande So you are not using anything externally anymore? Just Nexgard?

  • @lustopher just Nexgard once a month and Drontal once every three months. Not sure what that does

  • Iko is using INTERCEPTOR for Heartworm and K9-ADVANTIX II for flea, tick, mosquito protection. I had used the same products on Kembe.

  • @kembe Problem for @Lustopher is availability. He is not in USA !

  • @kembe - I have used NuHeart for years now. My C-Me barfs up the Heartworm meds with the other meds for worms so since I do not really believe they need to be wormed monthly, I changed to NuHeart that is just for heartworm. Not a problem here in No. California but was in places where we traveled. I do give Drontal for tapeworm if they kill and eat their catch.... lucky they kill and DON'T eat it.... C-Me does bring it in the house to show me however! I have also used Frontline when needed, again fleas are really not a big issue where we live... so maybe only needed 2 or 3 times a year.

  • I am able to get Nexgard and Drontal Plus. In fact, Nexgard was recommende by the Vet, and Drontal + Vectra by the breeder. So I am a bit confused :D.

    But I'm curious if applying Frontline/Vectra externally together Nexgard would be an issue.

  • @lustopher You should not use Frontline as well as Drontal and Nexgard. I will phone my vet if you like to check. But I am sure he took me right off Frontline when he put the pack on to Nexgard.

    Drontal - three monthly - should not be given within 14 days of Nexgard. So wait a fortnight after a dose and then give it. That I am sure of ! It is written on the packets -

  • @Zande Alright, thanks for the info. I will contact my Vet as well to educate me a little more on this stuff.

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