• Has anyone tried using products with clove essential oil as an ingredient? On the recommendation of a friend I tried a drop of YL Purification on Teddy's paws after being outside in the winter slop. He has soil mold and dust mite allergies and it was recommended to help. But he had an even bigger allergic reaction - I think to the clove. Anyone encounter anything similar? I'm looking for non-toxic flea/tick spray for summer and don't want to use ones with clove if this is typical.

  • Clove is a powerful oil. In general, when applying essential oils, mix a few drops with a good quality vegetable oil and apply it in very small quantities (less is more). See if that works. Be careful of applying directly to exposed skin or the affected area. The Animal Desk Reference by Melissa Shelton offers a wealth of experience https://www.amazon.com/Animal-Desk-Reference-Essential-Animals/dp/1483914941.

  • said in natural flea/tick spray:

    clove essential oil as an ingredient

    Cloves can be toxic at higher dosage. And like humans, some dogs react stronger than others to things.

    I have used neem tree oil, diluted, as spray for flies and fleas, but just honestly found nothing "natural" that stopped fleas. So I use frontline spray, treat my yard, use diatomateous earth under furniture, etc. I did that for about 2 yrs, and since, we almost never see fleas in the last 20 yrs. I may have to spray with frontline one time in the spring, that's it.

  • Can't use frontline drops - it burned the fur off

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