Rabies Vaccine Probe MN 7/27/11 Fox News

Rabies Vaccine Investigation in Minnesota – Fox News 7/27/11 Veterinarians giving 3 year rabies vaccine every 2 years, features Dr. Ronald Schultz.

Investigators: Vets, Vaccines and Vagaries

All pet owners know it?s important to protect our four-legged friends from rabies, but how much is the veterinarian telling about that shot? The FOX 9 Investigators went undercover to find out if some clinics are taking financial advantage of pet owners by being vague about vaccines.

Read more: Investigators: Vets, Vaccines and Vagaries http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/dpp/news/investigative/investigators-vet%2C-vaccines-and-vagaries-jul-27-2011#ixzz1TObiZ1pK

States Consider Controlling Rabies Vaccination Intervals, by Edie Lau The Veterinary Information Network News Service 8/12/11 http://news.vin.com/VINNews.aspx?articleId=19501 "Concerns in Delaware and Minnesota about over-vaccination center around the practice by some small-animal veterinarians of administering every one or two years rabies vaccines that have been proven to be effective for three years."

Sigh, just wrong thinking isn't it?!


Sigh, just wrong thinking isn't it?!

Unfortunately, there are far too many uninformed pet owners who fall victim to these kind of practices.

The wrong thinking is vets, who KNOW (or shouldn't be practicing) that even your old generic 1 yr rabies vaccines last up to 10 yrs. The compromise of 3 yrs is a fair one. Yet they KEEP pushing vaccines for revenue. I find it sad the legal system instead of the AMVA pushes for them to stop it, but if that's what it takes, good. Let people know they are getting ripped off and their dogs overvaccinated.

Makes you wonder what the vet schools are teaching too!


Makes you wonder what the vet schools are teaching too!

Indeed it does!

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