• The Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Spring Challenge begins today.
    BRAT has won a few top weekly winner $1000 grants in the past (as well as the prize for top shelter in Texas) and these have been incredibly helpful in offsetting the record year of expenses in 2009 and 2010.
    With the pending rescue of the huge Florida pack, we are hoping to again take advantage of the weekly wins, as well as hopefully finally achieve one of the 3 major grants.
    You may vote everyday at:
    When you get the voting site, you will need to add "basenj" in the search box–-as well as the state of Texas.
    Please bookmark the site so that you can vote every day. Please ask your friends and family to vote. Post the link to your Facebook wall and ask for support!
    With your help, let's win a BIG prize this time!

  • Everyday voting is back and I already voted for today ;).

  • Houston

    I did it!!

  • Remember you can vote once per day on each computer you use (and if you use alternate browsers you can vote once per day per computer per browser)

    I just voted twice at work, then will vote 4 more times from home!!

  • Sharron, thanks for bringing this forward again. Vote every day, folks!

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