• I happened to see that there is a new shelter challenge that has started.
    Let's see if we can get BRAT back into the top three for the money.

    Vote every day and if you have access to more than one computer vote on each one!


    I dare you 🙂

  • I actually posted the info under shelter challenge before 9 am, not sure need 2nd thread but if it helps get responses, that's good. 🙂

    Shelter challenge 2011
    From Brat:

    The first Shelter Challenge of 2011 has begun!

    We would greatly appreciate if you could vote for Basenji Rescue & Transport, Inc.–-on a daily basis.

    This is a great contest and the money is real. BRAT received $6,000
    last year and over the years has received well over $10,000.

    And it's easy to vote. Just click here.


    You can find BRAT by typing in "basenji" in the search box and entering the state of Texas.

    You will be asked to identify an animal photo to prove you are a person and not a robot.

    That's it.

    This voting round begins on January 10, 2011, and ends at midnight (PT) on March 20, 2011

    Mike Swan
    President, BRAT, Inc.

    Please ask people if you can put on daily email reminder. We really struggled last one.

  • Voted…thanks for the link and the reminder otherwise I wouldn't have known

  • Thanks, Wizard! Sometimes I miss one thread, so 2 are better!

  • Sadly they changed the ruling so we can only win once, but I have asked everyone in my email to vote !

  • Actually that's not quite true.
    From their website:
    "**Weekly Prizes: $1,000 will be awarded each week during the voting period for each organization with the most votes during that week (10 prizes of $1,000 each during the first voting period; participants are eligible for only one weekly prize during each voting period). Winners of Weekly Prizes are not eligible for Regional Prizes during the same voting period…No organization may win more than one Weekly Prize during each voting period. Organizations may win up to three (3) prizes total during each voting period. The Grand Prize for each voting period winners must be separate organizations (no organization can win more than one of the Grand Prizes for the most votes). Organizations receiving the Grand Prize are ineligible for Regional Prizes during that voting period (For example, if the Grand Prize Winner is located in California, the State Prize will go to the organization in that state with the highest vote total after the Grand Prize Winner). The Challenge Champion Prize winner from the previous calendar year is not eligible for the Grand Prize during the current calendar year, but remains eligible for all other prizes including the Weekly and Regional prizes."

  • Just voted….BRAT was top shelter in state but 8th overall....Keep voting

  • I am pestering all my friends to vote. Gosh knows we need the funds.

  • Well we started in 8th place but now have slipped to 10th.

  • Houston


  • This is the email I sent to every person in my address book that I didn't think would kill me:

    We have sadly dropped to 10th place overall. PLEASE can you vote and ask just a few friends to vote. One high burst might help us hold onto our top 10 spot. So many of the other rescues actually take out advertisements for people to vote. Since our rescue is national, that isn't an option for us. The only hope we have is for people like me to annoy people like you all and beg for help.

    The massive rescue of over 50 dogs, and then all the litters, has severely strapped up. It is raining Basenjis.

    On the other hand, want to see a miracle? This is what Florida rescue and truly saintly Pam started with:


    From feral dogs, with only 11 adults now left, here are the final group, learning manners, understanding love:







    Go to the site, type in Garland, TEXAS and vote for the Basenji Rescue or use the below. Most browsers will save so the next time you are automatically given BRAT to vote for.

    Vote for a Shelter @ The Animal Rescue Site

  • And remember that the shelter challenge goes until March something – so you need to vote EVERY DAY.

  • Oh oh, BRAT has slipped out of the top ten!
    Vote, vote, vote.

  • I know, just came to post. Please ask 10 of your friends, email every day or 2 a reminder. Surely we can bump this back up!

  • We are still out of top.. but encouraged at 12… PLEASE nag your friends and family to help!

    1 Villalobos Rescue Center
    Santa Clarita, CA

    2 Rescue Ink
    New York City, NY

    3 Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc.
    St Pauls, NC

    4 Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary
    Lancaster, NH

    5 The Cat House on the Kings
    Parlier, CA

    6 The Oasis Sanctuary
    Benson, AZ

    7 Rikkis Refuge
    Orange, VA

    8 Best Friends Animal Society (previous grand prize winner, ineligible for top prizes)*
    Kanab, UT

    9 Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue
    Reinholds, PA

    10 Oldies But Goodies (Northern VA) ****er Rescue
    Newington, VA

    11 Save-A-Pet
    Grayslake, IL

    12 Basenji Rescue and Transport, Inc.
    Garland, TX

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