2011 end of year shelter challenge

  • If you really love basenjis you'll vote (frequently every day) for BRAT (main office TX) for this current shelter challenge. The major prize ($5000) is significant money for the shelters that win.
    Just for the heck I looked at past winners and some shelters have won several times over the past years. It's time to get BRAT into the top 10 and keep it there. Yes BRAT has won the state prize but it would be nice to give it the big prize!

  • I know– and I have pushed and begged, emailed til people hated me. I wish we could get in the top 10 but the numbers don't seem possible.

    I will say that you can make it easier by putting the link ON YOUR TOOLBAR so you see it when you sign on. Long before BRAT, I made voting daily a ritual.

    In 7 clicks you can do the following..
    1.1 cups of food to the hungry
    help provide a free mammogram
    .6 bowls of food for rescued animals
    help a homeless veteran get a free meal
    help provide therapy for autistic children
    help provide a child with lifesaving health care
    help give a child in need a book
    help protect 11.4 sq ft of rainforest habitat

  • I am voting every day. I keep it on My favourites so I just have to click and straight through to the site.

  • I vote every day as well.

    Regarding voting, I hope it is all legitimate (the shelters who win consistently). Kipawa pulled out of a contest because we found out there was a 'work around' and people were voting numerous times/constantly during a 24 hour period.

    That said, all we can do is vote and try to push BRAT to the top!

  • First Basenji's

    I put a shortcut directly to the voting page on my desktop. Vote everyday because I SEE it everyday!

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