• I had seen this before and just stumbled on it. I love the punchline end:


    So you gotta ask yourself: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, "breeder ?"

  • Thanks for the link - very very good warning to those who just feel - my bitch ought to at least have one litter!!

  • Some of those horrible happenings were things I never thought about - how sad. 😞 Breeding should be left to those who know what they are doing, namely NOT backyard breeders.

  • Great post, Debra, thanks! I wish everyone who is even thinking of breeding will read this. Now I wish there was one for (non-breeder) people who refuse to neuter their males because they "just couldn't do that to their dog"!

  • LOL omg, have you ever heard of neuticles?

  • Yes, I can't imagine the ego of the owners who put those into their poor dogs!

  • Yes, I have heard of them. The buyers must be men with REALLY small penises! LOL! Although - here's an interesting fact: Apparently men with testicular cancer cannot get prosthetic testicles, so they have to order Neuticals as a dog owner (whether they are or not), and then their physicians can implant them into these young men so they appear "intact". What's the world coming to, eh? I mean, dogs can get testicles to look "normal" but men can't! Egads!

  • Shaking head Dogs can get fake testicles? Oh my.

    There are situations where basenjis/dogs still have their testicles to produce the right hormones for complete growth. I'm fine with that, providing the non-showing dog is then neutered. This will be the case with Kipawa.

    It is ridiculous to place human characteristics onto a dog. I had friends who had an un-neutered male American Bulldog. I know they thought of their dog as another 'man' in the house, but the dog was scary to be around.

  • Wow. Some of those are so gruesome. Bleck!

  • There are a lot of valid reasons, including health ones, for keeping dogs unneutered. I never neutered my male Rottie, was no reason as I have both the intelligence, experience and home set up to prevent any "opps" occurrences. His full brother, neutered against my instructions at 4 mos of age died at 7 with bone cancer. Bone cancer is linked to neutering large dogs prior to 18 mos of age and is probably true with smaller breeds. With Rotties, were bone cancer is a HUGE problem, I wasn't going to risk it. And once he was that old, it served no purpose… hormones and behaviors set.

  • Thanks for the link on do you feel lucky. I think I might add something like this to my website.
    Just this past fall we had a small litter of three pups. All went well, mom and pups were great no issues and smooth sailing until pups were about 7 weeks old and little man Rage somehow (still unclear how) managed to rupture his umbilical. Required surgery, lucky for me my vet lives next door and trust me like his staff so my pups don't have to spend the night and I am allowed to administer stuff at home if needed. Still that repair would cost anyone else $500-700 minimally.
    That's just one example of a simple little thing that can go wrong. Rage had to be wear the worlds smallest cone on his head but even still we couldn't let him bounce around for a couple days which meant holding him. We took turns sleeping because he couldn't be left alone at all the first 24hrs and after that we still had to hold him most of the time to make sure he didn't get to playful.
    I have plenty more examples and could create one breed specific for our website, I'm going to work on that this week. Thanks for the idea!

  • haha thats another idea that croos my mind.. i dont wanna lose my lovely Maca if something goes bad. The risk involved to her. I wanna have her for all their lifetime span. In fact i was thinking that i need to have the money to have the vet beside her o get her on a clinic to have their possible litter. So if anything goes bad dont need to run. An ever on that situation. Its a big risk.

  • I just saw this post and I think it?s great for people that are saying "ooo I am going to breed some puppies!! because I like to have puppies around me"

    We hear this too often, people wanting to breed just for fun one time, or because they want 1 puppie of their own dogs, or because there is somebody that wants a puppie because they like their bitch.
    Those people only see some sweet little puppies in their mind and nothing more.
    I always feel mad, we are busy many years to get involved in the breeding world, being busy with health, only agree with matching combinations (when our boys are asked as stud) etc etc and then someone woke up one day thinking about having a litter and whoops "they are going to breed"
    This happened with my niece, she has a very small cat and she told us she was going to breed her. I asked her why?, she told me well, I just like to and we keep one kitten for ourselfe.
    I told her, that there are many, many cats in the pound, and too many people just starting breeding their cats and her mom listened to me and was trying to talk her out of it. But no, she is a grown women and after a few weeks there were so many kittens..
    Afterwards, she was feeling so sorry to breed her cat…

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