• I'm curious what the measurements so to speak would be for an adult basenji for the following things, I know each dog differs, but whats the average?




    Gentle Leader?


  • Collars, GLeader, and Coats I usually go with small. Many times they usually have the sizes based on weight so it makes it easy.

    The harness I believe was the only one that mine didn't fit into a small so I had to get a medium which is a little big on them. So it's annoying because it looks like they're in between sizes.

  • Collar? 10 -16 inch size.
    I really like the brands that sell this size in the 1 inch wide.

    Crate? 200 Vari Kennel for the car and a 300 Vari Kennel or equivalent sized wire crate at home.

    Coats? Sizes 14 and 16 in Fido Fleece

  • Collar: I use 16".

    Crate: I use the Medium Vari-Kennel for travel and home. {27x20x19}.

    Coat: Couldn't tell you. When absolutely necessary I use a wool sweater that used to be my sister-in-law's. She dried it in the dryer, and now it fits Jazzy perfectly except the sleeves are too long and we just roll those up. LOL {I've posted a photo in the photo section. She looks ridiculous, but stays oh! so! warm!}

  • I shouldn't say it fits "perfectly" because it hangs loose, but it does keep her very, very warm.
    We don't use it here, and only needed it while at my mom's, in the mountains, when it was in the 20's and Jazzy insisted on walking down the road and over a hill to potty.

  • Jazzy's Mom,

    That right there is the answer to what I can do with things that get shrunk in the dryer! That is great, LOL!


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