• WELL, Jack was diagnosed with Lyme Disease a few weeks after we rescued him.:( He woke up with joint pain in his rear leg, (he wouldnt walk on it) and he lost his B appitite. We got him on medication right away. and he's doing much better, although, lyme will never go away. Well poor Jack, this week, got an ear infection and his appitite isnt so good. hmmm…WELL i hope it gets alittle better, he seems to be doing better, we are cleaning out his ears everyday. but its Navy Vets. and im sure they are great, but they seemed to be rather quick about getting him in and OUT of the office quickly. I really hope his lyme isnt flarring up again...😕 WELL i guess we will just see...anyone with lyme?? besides me?

  • I am SO sorry to hear about Jack. He is such a cute little fella (deceiving aren't they?).. Thoughts and prayers to Capt Jack!

  • I'm sorry to hear that about your B boy. And you're right…military vets are really only there to cater to K9...so they try to get the "civvie" pets in and out quickly. (knows from personal experience...AF brat and spouse)

    Hang in there!

  • I don't know for sure, but my vet told me that Lyme disease was highly treatable in dogs? Is that not true??
    I'm so sorry to hear that your pup isn't up tp snuff…sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way....((healing hugs))

  • I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Jack. He is very lucky to have an attentive mommy like you. Just hang in there, Im sure it will get better. I do not know anything about Lyme disease but I have a vet appointment tomorrow morning and I will ask for you and let you know what I find out. Good luck!!!!

  • Lyme is treatable, it cant be cured, but if caught early its very treatable, but little symptoms come and go…no stopping that. 😞

  • I don't know who your vet is, but we really (REALLY) like the Noank Mystic Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Sminkey handles Sophie and Stick with care and seems to know about basenjis in general.

    Not a big fan of the other local Vets in our area.

    Sorry to hear that Jack has been getting sick.

  • I am sorry to hear that Capt Jack is not feeling well. I have had first hand experience with USAF vets and I take mine off base, even in England, if I was able to. I hope he starts to feel better soon and have his appetite return. woo woo from Jojo…

  • THANKS much!! Jack's working on feeling better!! lol

  • Sorry to hear about Capt Jack. Did the vet put him on antibiotics?

  • yea he got meds, it was only for two weeks, but it helped.

  • I am sorry little Capt Jack has acquired lyme disease. BaMica's mom had it one time and she didn't feel too good about the lyme circulating in her body. Amazing what those almost tiny invisible critters can do. Hope Capt Jack feels better with treatment and antibiotics.

  • Thank you all again!!

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