98% wolf, 100% Organic Bovine Fertilizer

  • This is a real website that sells live animals. If you want a good laugh, or feel the urge to bang your head on your desk, take some time and cruise around.


    On this site, we learn that:
    Wolves are felines and are descended from lions.
    Wolves can get up to 400 pounds.
    Wolves are hypoallergenic.
    Wolves can live 25 years or more.
    Wolves are completely trustworthy and gentle and are fabulous companions for children, the elderly, and disabled people.
    Pure wolves are actually only 98% wolf.
    Wolves should only be fed high protein puppy food or cat food it's whole life. They need to eat sticks, grass, dirt and small rocks to aid their digestion. Raw meat is dangerous and makes them mean.
    Wolves can hear up to 6 miles away, smell something up to 4 1/2 miles away, and run 40 mph.

    Here is a tip about grooming:
    "Do not clip fur because of the guard hairs that are connected to the nervous system. If you do clip them it can cause them to walk funny. These hairs allow them to feel a foot or two away from their body, they are similar to antennas. Also since the skin is about an inch thick, they can not feel as easily, they need these hairs to help protect their skin, it warns them. Their thick skin is one of the reasons that they do not get fleas or tics, they have a hard time getting through this thick skin."

    Ummmmm…yeah, right.

  • Oh my heavens!

  • I would like to see the 400 lb. wolf. 🙂

  • what ever it is that they are taking, i'm sure it's not legal

  • What's the other 2%? And I found the music even more disturbing. That made me want to bang my head on my desk.

  • Other 2% is the 100% mentioned in the title of the thread, which emanates a particular barnyard odor and, I believe, fills the cranial atria of the website owners. I didn't hear the music, probably should be grateful for that.

    Ms. Yodeldogs, I thank you for the hearty guffaw and snort that followed my viewing of this dreck.

  • I am not sure if this isnt a big hoax actually…

  • I suspect the children were allowed to put the site together. Much of it sounds like a child's imagination anyway.

  • It sounds like the first story my son wrote, when he was a preschooler, (dictated to me) where he claimed that dinosaurs "ate dirt".

  • How absolutely ridiculous. Then again, my friends family have a wolf/husky mix (giant thing) and he is a great dog.
    I can't believe they say it would be okay to have a wolf in an apartment…. could you imagine?
    Thanks for the laugh!

  • I guess it takes all kinds - what a ridiculous thing that is. I had a friend who had a wolf/husky mix, and I do have to say he was a very nice animal, friendly and calm, actually less likely to bark and get upset than his pure husky sister was. However, she had him since he was a tiny puppy, and maybe that made a difference. She took both dogs to parks, and for walks and so forth, and had no problem anywhere with him. When they were inside, they slept a lot and just hung out - something I wish my B's would do more of!

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