Our B Kairoe - THE HERO!!!

We hope you have a B, who's a HERO too!

Enjoy the film!


Clar, Emm & Kai

Film? Just a clock counting down.

Ahahahaha that was too cute!

You have to wait a lonnnng time for a countdown from 99 for some strange reason, but since I wasn't doing anything, it was worth it in the end. 😛

Kipawa, you have to wait until the clock counts down, then the film starts-good film! I just did something else until the countdown was over.

Great video! Well worth the wait!


How funny..It was nice to hear swedish for a change..and see your beautiful Kairoe too.

Aww. We're glad you all enjoyed the film and hope you made one for your B or for someone special. It's really simple - at the end of the film you'll see a link to 'make a new movie' then all you have to do is upload any image and voila.

It's kind of scary how easy this was and when you listen to the underlying message…no wonder this thing went so viral on the net.

However, B's truly are our Hero's.

Great film!! Kairoe is a true hero 🆒 You must be so proud to have a dog that means this much to the world 😃 😉

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